Difference Between Standard Deviation and Standard Error in One Picture


The standard error is really just a type of standard deviation. For this simple example, I've used three samples as an illustration of how the standard deviation and standard error differ as they relate to sample means.

Fleming Sings What May Be Staged Standard Repertoire Finale

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Confetti fell from the top of the Metropolitan Opera and bouquets were thrown to Renee Fleming from the crowd during a nine-minute ovation that followed Strauss' "Der Rosenkavalier," what may be her farewell to staged standard repertoire.

Texas' Math Standards Look Suspiciously Familiar


The Texas standards reference "Adding It Up," a major 2001 study by the National Research Council about how children learn math, a study also explicitly cited by the Common Core standards writers. In it, researchers noted that in the past, most American math classes were structured around textbooks. "Depth is seldom achieved, and mastery deferred," they wrote of the practice. The recommendations to improve math instruction included reducing the number of standards covered; cutting down on constant review; and remaking classrooms into "communities of learners," not "collections of isolated individuals."

New web security standard promises safer, faster browsing


It's safe to say that web security could use a tune-up given the deluge of malware attacks and data breaches. Thankfully, it's about to get one. The Internet Engineering Task Force has approved Transport Layer Security 1.3, a new standard that makes some fundamental improvements to how and when web encryption kicks in. For the most part, int involves both shrinking the window of opportunity for intruders and preventing them from recycling code. To begin with, the handshake between your client and the server will invoke encryption sooner, reducing the amount of unprotected data both sides send.