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Alexa can read you the latest headlines, give you the weather forecast, and help you find a recipe to make for dinner, but did you know that your Echo device can also assist your student with homework? If you have an Amazon Echo smart speaker at home, like our favorite Echo device, the Echo (2nd Generation), your student has access to a wealth of brain-sharpening, knowledge-enhancing activities to help tackle homework assignments. While kids probably don't need more time interacting with electronics, Alexa offers a variety of skills that can help students with their homework when parents aren't available. To enable a skill on your Echo device say, "Alexa, enable [exact name of skill]." Or, open the Alexa app, tap the menu button, and select "Skills."

My Daughter Has A New Study Partner and Her Name is Alexa


My daughter turned 13 this past week and for her birthday she requested that we get her the Amazon Echo, or as she called it "Alexa". A couple of her friends got it for Christmas and she heard so many great things about the product. I am guessing there is also a bit of a "keeping up with the Jones'" in her request too. The geeky parent in me said, well, at least, it's not clothes (yet). So we made the purchase and the device arrived last week.

Robots are turning children into brats


The "Alexa generation" of children who are raised barking orders at submissive voice-activated gadgets could grow up rude and entitled, say psychologists. Families increasingly use digital assistants such as Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri to access information and services. The assistants use artificial intelligence to interpret voice commands and can respond in natural language. Owners of Amazon's Echo smart speaker can ask Alexa to play music, check the weather forecast or order a pizza. The gadgets are particularly popular with children, who tell them to play songs, help with homework or tell jokes.

How to keep Amazon's Alexa from becoming a parenting nightmare

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Amazon's Echo has been the hot tech gadget to own since it first launched more than two years ago. The home speaker pairs with a digital assistant, Alexa, allowing users to play music, search recipes or check the weather through simple voice commands. As a parent, the Echo can be your best friend. It tracks to-do-lists, what you need at the grocery store, and can even help with homework. For example, one six-year-old in Texas was chatting with Alexa, and ended up buying four pounds of cookies and a dollhouse worth $170.

Amazon Music Unlimited is now cheaper for students


Despacito may still be atop the charts, but summer is dwindling, meaning it's time to head back to school. But, don't cut short your soundtrack just yet, because this is the ideal time to get ad-free music on a streaming service. All the students out there already get a nice discount on Apple Music and Spotify, and now you can add Amazon Music Unlimited to that list too. The online retail giant is offering up its relatively new music streaming service to all the young folk for just $4.99 per month. That brings it in line with its bigger rivals, price-wise at least.