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Creating Reports is Easy With Custom Power BI Global Filter


Key Challenges • Create structured navigation of Power BI reports. Business Case The more Power BI reports an organization creates, the more difficult navigation becomes for users. Enterprise-level Power BI users often search through hundreds of reports, many of which are not applicable to their job duties. Power BI web navigation improves usability but requires a pro license for each user. With out-of-the-box non-pro license implementations, users cannot share default views of reports or create dashboards that span multiple sources.

Research Issues in Mining User Behavioral Rules for Context-Aware Intelligent Mobile Applications Machine Learning

These devices, particularly the smart mobile phones have transformed over a period of time from merely communication tools to smart and highly personal devices enabling to assist the users in their variety of day-to-day situations in their daily life. In the real word, users' interest on "Mobile Phones" is more and more than other platforms like "Desktop Computer" or "Tablet Computer" over time [36]. People use mobile phones not only for voice communication between individuals but also for various activities such as applications (mobile apps) using, Internet browsing, emailing, using online social network, instant messaging etc [28]. Recent advances in the sensing capabilities of smart mobile phones make them enable to collect the rich contextual information and users' various activity records with mobile phones through the device logs. These historical mobile phone data are simply as the collection of the past contexts and user's activities with the mobile phones for these past contexts. These are phone call logs [39] having phone call activities, app usages logs [45] having various mobile application usages, mobile phone notification logs [22] having the responses with various notifications from different applications, web logs [13] having Internet browsing activities of the mobile phone users. The main characteristic of such kind of phone log data is that it contains the actual diverse activities of the users in different contexts in their real world life. Modeling smartphone user behaviors by developing various computational machine learning methods (rule-based learning) in order to analyze different behavioral patterns in different contexts, and eventually predict the next behaviors or detect strange behaviors utilizing such mobile phone data, can be used for build- 2 Iqbal H. Sarker*

Users Can Sue Facebook Over Facial Recognition Software, Court Rules

NPR Technology

The 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals said Thursday that Facebook users in Illinois can sue the company over its use of facial recognition technology. The 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals said Thursday that Facebook users in Illinois can sue the company over its use of facial recognition technology. A U.S. court has ruled that Facebook users in Illinois can sue the company over face recognition technology, meaning a class action can move forward. The 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals issued its ruling on Thursday. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, it's the first decision by a U.S. appellate court to directly address privacy concerns posed by facial recognition technology.

WWE Sues BitTorrent Users Downloading WWE Studios Film 'Eliminators'

International Business Times

World Wrestling Entertainment's bread and butter has been feuds and targeting among its roster of wrestlers, but the company now has its own target for its ire: WWE fans on BitTorrent. The WWE has filed several lawsuits targeted users who've downloaded its WWE-produced 2016 action film Eliminators, according to a report from Torrentfreak. The lawsuits, which were filed by WWE sister company WWE Studios in states including Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Nevada, are intended to deter users who've downloaded WWE content via BitTorrent. Specific users are not named in the filing and the WWE has only drawn from users' IP addresses, but the organization says it plans to narrow down the scope of its investigation to ensure that the proper users are targeted in the lawsuit. In the suit, the WWE is seeking to be paid actual damages or statutory damages of up to $150,000 from the case's defendants.

Instagram Direct update is Facebook's latest attack on Snapchat


Stop me if you've heard this one: Instagram is making itself a better app by taking some cues from Snapchat. The former photo-sharing app is launching a new version of Direct, its one-to-one and group messaging, with more features. Starting Tuesday, disappearing photos and videos will appear in the same text threads as other messages with friends. Prior to this update, Instagram's chat screen featured annoying bubbles at the top bar that hosted ephemeral messages from friends (the Snapchat copycat feature introduced in November 2016). It seems strange to not have combined the two earlier.