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Top Artificial Intelligence Funding in February/March 2021


Artificial intelligence has become a game-changing technology for 21st-century businesses. It has made complex jobs easier and automated, minimizing human effort. While AI is already making its influence in almost every industry, there is yet more to come in the future. This technology has not only changed the way companies perform, but also it is luring investors' eyes. Many startups in this rapidly evolving field are successfully attracting big investments and delivering innovative AI solutions and services.

The Best Advice For Building Chatbots? Don't Force People To Use Chatbots


The panel "Let's Chat About Bots" gathered representatives from four companies that have built robust bots for interacting with customers onFacebook's chat platform Messenger: Anastasia Sartan cofounder and CEO of the Russian e-commerce site Epytom Stylist; Hussein Fazal, CEO of the travel booking site SnapTravel; Felipe Bernal, head of product innovation at the Brazilian IT company Movile; and Chema Alonso, head of digital at the telecom giant Telefonica. Angelique Kamara, of Facebook Messenger Partnerships, moderated. "When we were analyzing how different types of customers were interacting with internet services, a lot of people preferred point and click, others preferred to chat with a bot," said Alonso. "…We didn't want to force one specific channel. We wanted to be in the channels our customers love.

Chatbots on Facebook Messenger linked to increased sales


"People prefer to use Messenger to interact with companies," Facebook VP of messaging products David Marcus said during his keynote at this year's F8 conference. With over 65 million businesses active on Facebook, this shouldn't come as a surprise. An estimated 80 percent of these companies use messaging to reach Facebook Messenger's 1.2 billion monthly active users. When Messenger opened its doors to developers in April 2016, 78 percent of adults were still unaware that chatbots even existed. After a year of growing pains for chatbots, though, new features for Facebook Messenger 2.0 were announced in April.

The changing face of AI


For many, the thought of artificial intelligence (AI) may conjure up images of robots doing everything from building cars to answering customer phone calls, but AI isn't futuristic; it's the present. AI technology has become widely used in elements of larger systems, but the technology is rarely credited for these successes. It is likely that you've been a witness to many of the latest advances in medical diagnosis or stock trading, many of which now have AI at their core. This lack of transparency when it comes to the use of AI is undoubtedly contributing to this "fear" that robots are taking over the world, as well as a lack of understanding about the capabilities. A recent Pegasystems study found the majority of users are not aware they've used AI, with only 37% of Australian respondents recalling they had had direct AI engagement.

What happened with Facebook Messenger's chat bots?

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Chatbots were all the rage a year ago. USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham wonders where they went on #TalkingTech. LOS ANGELES -- At its annual conference for software developers in 2016, Facebook trumpeted chat bots as the next big thing in tech. A year later, users of Facebook Messenger are still waiting. Chat bots, those automated robots that respond to human queries, had an underwhelming debut.