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Protect your inbox from phishing and other email attacks

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Your email of choice, whether Gmail's web portal or a desktop program like Outlook, already comes with a decent set of security tools. For example, it can snag suspicious emails and automatically toss them into your spam folder. To help out your email client, report spam whenever you find it, which will make it easier for the program to spot something untoward next time. Be wary of any email asking you to click a link, especially if it comes out of the blue without any context--and particularly if it comes from someone you don't know. Phishing emails can appear to come from trusted contacts, but they often arrive from bizarre-sounding email addresses.

Newton email app surfaces messages it thinks you should reply to


If you've used the new version of Gmail, you're probably familiar with how the service "nudges" you to follow up on emails you might have forgotten about. If you want a feature like that, but prefer to use an app vs. Gmail in your browser, cross-platform email program Newton has a new feature called Recap that should scratch that itch. When you open the updated Newton on your phone, you'll find Recap in a tab at the bottom of the screen. When you tap into the Recap area, you'll see a number of emails that the app has flagged for potential follow-up. So you don't forget to check these messages, Newton will send a notification once a day to check in on your Recap box, but otherwise it's only there if you need it.

Two Fastest Ways for Startups to Build Your Email Database


Before you start email marketing, you need a huge email list for that. Email Marketing is all about growing your email list. Plus email addresses are extremely valuable. The more addresses you get, and the better their quality they are, the more successful you will be as an online marketer. I know it sounds crazy to collect 100,000 emails in 1 day.

Newton email app makes the 'sent' folder unnecessary


The Newton email and calendar apps offer a fairly unique way to deal with those unfortunate but necessary components of modern life. Some of its smarter features include read receipts, the option to recall a sent email, one-click unsubscribe from newsletters, the ability to hook up apps like Todoist, Pocket, Trello and Asana, send-later scheduling and more. Today, the Newton team is making a seemingly small but potentially useful change to the way sent emails are handled. Specifically, Newton is getting rid of the sent email folder entirely. Newton designer Umesh Gopinath wrote a pretty interesting blog post about the inspiration for today's update, noting that Gmail's conversation view all but obviated the need for the traditional "sent" folder.

The Email Marketer's Guide to GDPR, ADA, and CAN-SPAM


The implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an effort to ensure data privacy in the European Union, will take place in just four months.