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Is Augmented Artificial Intelligence Already Disrupting Artificial Intelligence?


If digital workplaces are being disrupted by the ongoing development of artificial intelligence (AI) driven apps, by 2021 those disruptors could end up in their turn being disrupted. The emergence of a new form of AI, or a second wave of AI, known as augmented AI is so significant that Gartner is predicting that by 2021 it will be creating up to $2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally. Gartner defines augmented intelligence as a human-centered partnership model of people and AI working together to enhance cognitive performance. This includes learning, decision making and new experiences. "As AI technology evolves, the combined human and AI capabilities that augmented intelligence allows will deliver the greatest benefits to enterprises," Svetlana Sicular, research vice president at Gartner, said in a statement..

Technology Trends Transforming The Human Resource


Human resource industry is making use of technology in various aspect. Like voice technology to conduct the interview or to make a schedule. So let us have a look at a few technologies that is changing the hr sector. Technology has provided the globe of Human Resources with tools to scale back time taken on most body tasks, which provides the time unit professionals the chance to focus a lot of on strategy and problems that need immediate attention. Gone are the times of long multi-page documents and necessary worker communications sent through written or written text.

Future Of Artificial Intelligence(AI) In Computer(ROBOTIC's)


Artificial Intelligence(AI) Future In Computer(ROBOTIC's)-Edu-Right Artificial Intelligence(AI) Before Reading This Article Read the previous Article About Introduction To Artificial Intelligence(AI) Exactly just what is Artificial Intelligence(AI)? Artificial Intelligence(AI) is essentially the science and engineering of making smart machines computer applications. Researchers are creating programs and systems that may mimic human ideas and try doing things that humans can perform. Intelligence is a combination of physiology, computer science, and philosophy. Artificial Intelligence (AI)has come a considerable way from the old days.

How the Experts Define Artificial Intelligence


Thanks to pop culture, it's not difficult to conjure an image of artificial intelligence. Whether it's WALL-E, R2-D2 or HAL, the technology often takes shape as a thinking, sentient being. AI enables a computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with human beings--such as the ability to have human-like conversations, reason, discover meaning, generalize or learn from past experience, according to George Despinic, senior product marketing manager at Mitel. Already, more than 60 percent of organizations have implemented AI. In fact, many are integrating it into their cloud communications solutions, using the technology to enhance the customer experience and improve productivity.

Gartner Top 10 Proven Technology Trends to Follow In 2020


During the Gartner IT Symposium or Xpo, analysts in the technology sphere presented their findings. Now Gartner is highlighting the top strategic IT trends that companies will need to sample out in 2020. Gartner gives a definition of what a "strategic technology trend" is by saying that it's one that has substantial potential to disrupt the existing technologies and is now moving away from being called an emerging technology into joining the pool of the technologies that are said to have a broader impact as well as use. It's a technology that is rapidly growing and expected to reach its tipping points within the next few years owing to its high degree of volatility. As a blockchain development team, you need to be aware of these technologies and how they will impact the app development processes.