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Concierge Startups Tap Cognitive Technology


Tech startup ecosystems now dominate the global economy. The startups, investors, researchers, developers, and governments shaping startup ecosystems are the sources and stories TechPORTFOLIO looks for. Our editorial and coverage teams, leveraging data analytics and cognitive technology, put the most important insights into sharper focus.

Capital One acquires machine learning technology startup Notch Tech Startups


Capital One, one of the top 100 America's 100 largest banks, has acquired a machine learning technology startup, Notch. Notch is a technology startup that applies machine learning and software implementation to deliver unique solutions to customers. The startup was founded in 2014 by Paul Hurlocker and David Der. "We're thrilled to announce we were acquired by Capital One! Our team is joining their Center for Machine Learning & looks forward to the great things we'll do together using machine learning and opensource technology – to make them a leader in both," the company said in a Twitter post. Notch was acquired 15 months after Capital One created an in-house "Center for Machine Learning."

Why do startups fail? A postmortem of 256 failed startups.


Let's dive deep in each category to have more understanding. The budget constraint for startups was always there and will be. Even in the age of VCs and so many investor firms, finance has been a major hindrance. CBI Insights report covers the startups death from 2014–2018. Startups who have succumbed to the cash challenges were promising or either had good products but failed to grow before the financial challenges.

Venture Scanner: Health Technology Startup Market Trends and Insights – Q3 2017


Here is our Q3 2017 summary report on the Health Technology startup sector. The following report includes a startup landscape overview, graphical trends with insights, and recent funding and exit events. We are currently tracking 1,979 Health Technology companies in 22 categories across 57 countries, with a total of $48 Billion in funding. Click here to learn more about the full Health Technology market report.

Why Do Startups Fail? Because Hardware is Hard


Few venture-capital investors have forgotten the story of Pebble: In 2012, after every VC firm on Sand Hill Road had passed on investing, the smartwatch startup raised more than $10 million on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. It was an unheard-of amount for a crowdfunding campaign, and the resulting hype made Pebble an internet sensation. Then the VCs, suffering from FOMO, begged Pebble to let them invest. The startup eventually raised a total of $59 million. Investors have been loath to repeat the mistake ever since.