AI is the new electricity. - Andrew Ng (Coursera)


Much like the rise of electricity, which started about 100 years ago, AI will revolutionize every major industry. Andrew Ng explains how AI can transform your business, shares major technology trends and thoughts on where your biggest future opportunities may lie, and explores best practices for incorporating AI, machine learning, and deep learning into your organization. Follow O'Reilly on: Twitter:

Adaptive Learning of Smoothing Functions: Application to Electricity Load Forecasting

Neural Information Processing Systems

This paper proposes an efficient online learning algorithm to track the smoothing functions of Additive Models. The key idea is to combine the linear representation of Additive Models with a Recursive Least Squares (RLS) filter. In order to quickly track changes in the model and put more weight on recent data, the RLS filter uses a forgetting factor which exponentially weights down observations by the order of their arrival. The tracking behaviour is further enhanced by using an adaptive forgetting factor which is updated based on the gradient of the a priori errors. Using results from Lyapunov stability theory, upper bounds for the learning rate are analyzed. The proposed algorithm is applied to 5 years of electricity load data provided by the French utility company Electricite de France (EDF). Compared to state-of-the-art methods, it achieves a superior performance in terms of model tracking and prediction accuracy.

AI can make an impact like electricity: Andrew Ng - ET Telecom


Over the years, has worn many hats -- Coursera co-founder, former Baidu chief scientist, founding lead of Google Brain team, and Stanford University adjunct professor. But lately, he has emerged as the leading influencer championing artificial intelligence (AI). Well over 1.5 million people have enrolled in his AI courses in Coursera. In a chat with ET, Ng talks about recent AI controversies: Elon Musk Versus Mark Zuckerberg spat on dangers of AI, Facebook AI chatbots creating their own language and job displacements.

AI is the new electricity, says Coursera's Andrew Ng


No discussion in information technology today is complete without reference to artificial intelligence or AI, in quickspeak. Needless to say, experts in AI are in great demand. Among them, Andrew Ng is often referred to as a go-to guru on AI. He is the co-founder of Coursera, which offers online courses. He is also an adjunct professor at the Stanford University and was formerly the head of Baidu AI Group, and Google Brain. He calls AI, the new electricity. In response to an email from Business Today, he explains why and shares his thoughts on what companies need to do.

Andrew Ng, Co-Founder of Coursera, Returns to MOOC Teaching With New AI Course - EdSurge News


Andrew Ng taught one of the most-viewed online courses of all time--more than 1.5 million people have registered to take one of the many sequences of his free online course about machine learning. That experience spurred him to co-found Coursera. Today Ng announced that this summer he's launching sequels to that blockbuster, with a series of courses on the AI concept known as deep learning. For the past two years Ng had been applying concepts of deep learning in the commercial sector, as a chief scientist for the Chinese tech giant Baidu. But he left that company in March, and since then has been working on three undisclosed projects in AI.