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'Clash Royale' 2V2 Team Battles: New Game Mode Allows Clans To Battle Each Other

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After much community speculation, Supercell finally released details of an exciting new team battle game mode coming to Clash Royale. In a Royale Radio podcast, the Supercell team described in detail just how the four player battles will work, when they will take place and what rewards can be won. Below we've broken down all the details of the new Clash Royale 2V2 Team (Clan) Battles. A Clash Royale team battle will essentially be a new game mode that allows two players from the same clan to wage battle against two players of another clan. Similar to Friendly Battles, you can begin a Clan Team Battle by going to your clan page.

'Clash Royale' Leak: New Dark Witch Card Coming Soon In Insane Draft Challenge

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Clash Royale leaks suggest a new card might be coming to the game in the next round of events. A so-called Insane Draft Challenge will supposedly offer players a path to unlocking the elusive Dark Witch. As it appears, the Dark Witch is possibly the final name of the Night Witch that surfaced in the same round of cards with the Bandit in March. She's a melee Witch that spawns bats instead of skeletons and is a legendary accessible at Arena 8. The real danger of her offense is that her bats stick around to annoy enemies even after she's gone.

'Clash Of Clans' Update Leak Reveals New Troop, Other Holiday Gifts Releasing Soon

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Clash Of Clans ' December update just released, but before going live, Supercell promised there were more holiday gifts to come. Thanks to a leak from 2High4SchoolToday on YouTube, we can confirm a new troop and a lot more are due for the app in the coming hours. The three holiday gifts are expected to go live on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We'll discuss them in the order they're planned to arrive. The first big changes involve a past Clash Of Clans favorite.

'Clash Royale' Retro Royale Challenge Brings Back The Best Decks Before Recent Updates

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Clash Royale is going retro this Thursday for the Retro Royale challenge. The limited promotion will offer a few days to win big rewards for using decks that were popular before several late-year updates. Specifically, the deck selection will mirror what was available in April 2016. The challenge summary can be seen in the challenges tab of the Clash Royale app. Because the retro timeline begins just after the Mortar card was released, players will have access to 42 total cards.

'Clash Royale' New Cards Update: Legendary Bandit, Night Witch And Draft Challenge Coming To The Arena

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Starting Monday, Supercell began rolling out one of the biggest updates Clash Royale has ever seen featuring four new cards (two legendary) a new Hog arena and a nine-tier league system for players at the highest trophy levels. While not every update feature has released yet, over the next month we should see everything Supercell has planned for the game come to fruition. Below we've detailed all the new cards announced in the Clash Royale Sneak Peeks over the weekend and when we can expect to see the new items implemented in the game. Four new cards, including two legendaries are coming to the Clash Royale arena starting March 24. Check out all the details of the new cards, here.