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UK Brings Forward Planned Changes to Gambling Regulations

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The government had been facing a defeat on its budget legislation in parliament next week after many lawmakers from the governing Conservatives backed an amendment which would have forced them to bring forward the timing of the cut.

Striking Indian Low-Caste Workers Bring Chaos to Mumbai

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Those protests followed celebrations by Dalits in Pune, 150 km (95 miles) from Mumbai, on the 200th anniversary of a battle they won, fighting alongside British colonial forces, against an upper-caste ruler. Those celebrations were disrupted by right wing Hindu groups and a 28-year-old man was killed in the clashes, according to the state government.

'Roseanne' Cancellation Brings Unemployment, Uncertainty

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"A lot of people there are just middle class Americans making a living and now they're out of work, especially at a time when we're ramping up into production for the fall season," Rebecca Sun of the industry trade publication The Hollywood Reporter said in an interview with The Associated Press. "It is pretty devastating for all of the people who worked on that show who are now collateral damage as a result of their star's racist beliefs."

Microsoft's object-detecting playmat brings toys to life


From Amiibos to Skylanders, game companies have led the'toys to life' charge to translate real-world objects into digital worlds. But those have only transferred proprietary products. Microsoft researchers have developed a prototype smart playmat called Project Zanzibar that can scan in everyday items, even those that don't have a shred of computer tech. Zanzibar is a'sensing platform' that combines capacitive sensing to track finger movements with Near Field Communication (NFC) to detect objects. It's also flexible, both literally and systematically: Just hook it up to any tablet or screen and unroll the mat, and you're ready to go.