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What on Earth is Autonomous?


Research shows that Autonomous databases are the second most-valued technology, likely due to people working to keep on top of surging data volumes now and well into the future. It's also the tech making the most noise in the press, and people want to hear more. But what exactly does Autonomous mean? Living and learning, they carve out a path to adulthood through years of trial and error. Each insight helps to build the intelligence necessary to master a world full of challenges far too complex to be described by a simple set of rules.

r/MachineLearning - [D] How do you study from textbooks?


I am by no means a particularly good example of study habits, but generally I tend to read what I need and go from there... Basically this in practice often means starting somewhere relevant to whatever work/assignment/project I'm trying to do, and then going backwards building a recursive stack of readings that seem important to understanding the previous thing until I reach a point where I am familiar with the material already. Then I work through the stack until I'm back to wherever I started. Essentially this is the backward chaining algorithm. I also, if I need to learn a lot from a book for some reason (i.e. a course) or have no particular goal in mind but find my self with a text that piques my interest, then I tend to skim from cover to cover everything that actually attracts my attention, occasionally flipping back to something that I realize is important for understanding later stuff. If it seems especially critical and I can't understand it, then I'll look through exercises and maybe do them if it seems worthwhile.

Mastering Machine Learning Algorithms: Expert techniques for implementing popular machine learning algorithms, fine-tuning your models, and understanding how they work, 2nd Edition: Giuseppe Bonaccorso: 9781838820299: Books


Giuseppe Bonaccorso is Head of Data Science in a large multinational company. He received his M.Sc.Eng. in Electronics in 2005 from University of Catania, Italy, and continued his studies at University of Rome Tor Vergata, and University of Essex, UK. His main interests include machine/deep learning, reinforcement learning, big data, and bio-inspired adaptive systems. He is author of several publications including Machine Learning Algorithms and Hands-On Unsupervised Learning with Python, published by Packt.

Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 0952-1976

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques are now being used by the practicing engineer to solve a whole range of hitherto intractable problems. This journal provides an international forum for rapid publication of work describing the practical application of AI methods in all branches of engineering. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence publishes: • Survey papers/tutorials.

Creative Expert System: Result of Inference and Machine Learning Integ


This paper presents an idea of a creative expert system. It is based on inference and machine learning integration. Execution of learning algorithm is automatic because it is formalized as applying a complex inference rule. Firing such a rule generates intrinsically new knowledge: rules are learned from training data, which consists of facts stored already in the knowledge base. This new knowledge may be used in the same inference chain to derive a decision.