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Dude's corny Batman pick-up line is a total Tinder fail


The thing about using a pop culture reference as a pick-up line is it only works if they actually get the reference. Reddit user DBREEZE223 posted a not-so-successful Tinder interaction he had recently with a girl named Nana. The hopeless romantic decided to try out a pick-up line that incorporated a play on his match's name, which is a classic Tinder move. Though it is kind of a clever way to try to win someone's heart, the result was not exactly what he was hoping for. At least something good has come of his misfortune.

Dude on Tinder uses inappropriate shark pickup line and ends up getting schooled in the best way


When matching with someone on Tinder, be prepared to receive all sorts of different pick-up lines. Some are funny, some are straight to the point, and some are just inappropriate resulting in fails. This is a story of the latter. Redditor bovinespecies used a mediocre shark pickup line as his icebreaker with Natalie, his Tinder match. Natalie replied with nothing but facts―literally.

Aziz Ansari shares his best Tinder pick-up line and it's very effective


Literally every other episode of Vogue's "73 Questions with" should step aside. Aziz's interview with Vogue is here. And, he's armed with a cute story about Amy Poehler's kids and some v. useful dating advice. Asked about his favourite Amy Poehler story, Ansari says that her kids always call him "turkey sandwich". He also has some excellent dating advice to give.

Ugh, of course 'cryptomancing' is the newest dating trend


In case you hadn't heard, cryptocurrencies are the hot topic du jour. Crypto-chat has worked its way into our dinner party conversations. And, now it seems it's even wormed itself into our dating lives.

I sent my Tinder matches royal-themed pickup lines and they actually worked


Fear ye not, fellow royal fanatics, for we have a little trick up our sleeves that could set your Tinder ablaze right on time for the royal nuptials. SEE ALSO: How guests will be expected to behave at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding I gave some tried-and-tested pickup lines a royal makeover and sent them off to my Tinder matches in the hope of finding romance ahead of Harry and Meghan's big day. Much to my delight -- and surprise, if we're being honest -- these regal openers worked like a charm. Honestly, I would have replaced "royal goblet" with "heart," but I wasn't sure if diving straight in to the soppy stuff would scare away my matches. Despite not fully understanding what the hell was going on, Martin told me this was his "favourite Tinder exchange in quite some time."