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How Facial Recognition Is Evolving With Artificial Intelligence


Technological interventions in the fields of biometrics and facial recognition have set new innovations in the domain of artificial intelligence. Nowadays, it is implemented in various applications and industry verticals, from unlocking devices to criminal detection. The face recognition technology can be used to identify or authenticate a person. In just a few seconds based on their facial features; therefore gaining better advantage palm print or fingerprint. One of the significant benefits of Facial recognition is that it doesn't need any human interaction.

Opinion There's no federal standard on facial recognition. Congress should step in.


AND THEN there were three. Amazon has joined Microsoft and Google in supporting regulation of facial recognition technology, and it is easy to guess why: Research on bias in the software has amplified public skepticism, and legislators are starting to take note by proposing restrictions and even bans. Facial recognition technology could have many beneficial effects. The software could help stop human trafficking, reunify refugee families and make everyday services -- from banking to paying for groceries -- safer and faster. But it could come with costs, too, which is why regulators are right to pay attention.

Facebook says its facial recognition tech will now be an opt-in feature- Technology News, Firstpost


Facebook on Tuesday said that its facial recognition technology applied to photos by default currently, will now be an opt-in feature. In a blog post, Facebook announced that its facial recognition technology will no longer identify new users in their photo by default and that the existing users have an option to opt-out of it from Facebook Settings. "Starting today, people who newly join Facebook or who previously had the tag suggestions setting will have the face recognition setting and will receive information about how it works. The tag suggestions setting, which only controls whether we can suggest that your friends tag you in photos or videos using face recognition will no longer be available," Facebook said. For the uninitiated, Facebook's facial recognition setting was previously called tag suggestions because Facebook claimed that it was only used to automatically suggest tags of your friends in photos.

AI Facial Recognition: Balancing Privacy Concerns


Nowadays, face recognition systems have become an integral part of our lives. Research shows that a face plays a significant role while interacting with people, as it elucidates people's identity, making facial recognition systems a crucial aspect of security solutions in many organizations. As of today, many corporate and government firms are rapidly adopting the face recognition technology across the world due to its invulnerability to threats, reliability, and identifying criminals. Moreover, the face recognition systems provide vast benefits as compared to other biometric security solutions i.e palm print and fingerprint. To have a deep knowledge of how facial recognition systems work is vitally important in order to explore the technical, social, and cultural implications of these systems. Let's exemplify a bit how a facial recognition system works!