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Trump election: EU leaders expect 'strong partnership' with US

BBC News

European Union foreign ministers have said they expect a "very strong partnership" with the US, following an informal meeting to discuss Donald Trump's election victory. The ministers said they needed to know details of the US president-elect's plans but said they expected good ties. The talks took place at a dinner in Brussels on Sunday, on the eve of a formal meeting of foreign ministers. Ministers from Britain, France and Hungary did not attend on Sunday. "We are looking forward to a very strong partnership with the next [US] administration," EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said.

Cyberwar game tests politicians' ability to deal with a major attack


Defence ministers have taken part in a cyberwar game aimed at making Europe better prepared for a major cyber attack. The'EU Cybrid' cyber defence exercise took place as part of a meeting of European Union (EU) defence ministers in Tallinn. The scenario for the table-top wargame was a fictitious orchestrated cyber-attack against an EU-led military operation, involving both an EU headquarters in Rome and attacks on EU naval forces. "The scope of the exercise is crisis response to a major offensive cyber campaign against EU military structures in a hybrid warfare context," said the European Defence Agency (EDA), which was one of the organisers of the exercise, along with the Estonian ministry of defence. During the course of the exercise, which lasted for two hours, defence ministers were sent information about various attacks that shut down part of the EU's military structure, and had a limited amount of time to make decisions on how to react.

Theresa May said in 2007 MPs should have veto on EU negotiations

BBC News

The prime minister has been criticised after it emerged that she previously called for MPs to have the right to veto the UK's negotiations with the EU. In 2007 Theresa May said ministers should gain Parliamentary approval before talks with the European Union. Mrs May is now resisting pressure to give Parliament a vote on her plans for Brexit prior to EU negotiations. Downing Street said her 2007 comments related to how ministers negotiated policy while inside the EU. In June the UK voted to leave the EU, prompting the resignation of former prime minister David Cameron, who was replaced by Mrs May.

Remarks by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini at the press conference following the Informal Meeting of EU Defence Ministers


Let me start by thanking Antti [Kaikkonen, Minister of Defence of Finland] and all the Finnish colleagues for an excellent couple of days – 24 hours - of this informal meeting of the European Union Member States' Defence Ministers. It has been extremely productive and intense. Our agenda has been very heavy – heavy in terms of content, but light in terms of the kind of approach and relations we have had. The wonderful Helsinki sun has helped establishing a friendly atmosphere and I would say that the exchanges have been extremely consensual, productive and positive. Thank you for that, because your hospitality has contributed to set a positive and constructive tone.

CLIMATE CLASH Report: WH officials, G7 ministers spar over policy

FOX News

Energy Secretary Rick Perry said the Trump administration "is in the process of reviewing many of its policies and reserves its position on this issue," the summary said. Trump signed an executive order last month undoing a slew of Obama-era climate change regulations. He has also threatened to take the U.S. out of the landmark Paris climate deal. Press Secretary Sean Spicer said last month an official decision on the U.S.' position in the climate pact would be made during a G-7 meeting in May.