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Tesla CEO Elon Musk says he scouting 'central USA' for new Cybertruck factory

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday that he's looking for a location in the "central USA" to build a new factory. Musk revealed the plans on Twitter, saying the factory would make the company's forthcoming Tesla Cybertruck. He also said the company is eyeing the East Coast for production of the company's new Model Y SUV. The Cybertruck, an electric pickup revealed at a media event in November, is set to arrive in November. Musk has said that initial orders have exceeded expectations.

Ford F-150 Lightning joins flurry of electric pickups: Will these EV trucks be a hit?

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After years of rolling out compact electric vehicles that haven't sold particularly well, the U.S. auto industry is pairing EV technology with a body style that fits Americans' lifestyle a little bit better: pickups. The Ford F-150 Lightning is poised to make its debut tonight, making a splash as the first electric version of the nation's best-selling vehicle. On one hand, Ford is late to the party, as several of the automaker's competitors have already revealed electric pickups. On the other hand, it's just on time, since none of those EV pickups are actually available for delivery quite yet. But will Americans actually buy them? "How well do they sell?

6 keys to Tesla's future: Elon Musk's electric car maker beats existential threats

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No less than two years ago, Tesla was facing what many considered to be a make-or-break moment. The verdict is in: Tesla made it. The electric vehicle maker turned a surprising profit in the third quarter of 2019, beginning a streak of four straight periods in the black and inspiring confidence in investors that the company's future is bright. Less than a year after Tesla's stock hit a low of $211 in August 2019, the company's shares have soared to stunning new heights, hitting a peak of $1,675 on July 20. Gone are the days of 2018 when Tesla was struggling to produce the Model 3 compact car, burning cash rapidly and prompting serious questions about its ability to survive.

Most polarizing vehicles of the century: Tesla Cybertruck just joined the list

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The instantly polarized reaction to the Tesla Cybertruck revealed Thursday is a good example of history repeating itself. While automakers typically make conservative vehicle design choices to maximize sales, once in a while they deviate from the industry norms. That's clearly the case with the Tesla Cybertruck, whose triangular design, stainless steel body and unconventional truck bed inspired a chorus of laughter, praise and puzzlement. But you don't need to dig too far back to see other examples of where automotive design went wild. Each time, the unusual choices inspired legions of critics but also devoted followers.

Is Tesla's Cybertruck for Real? The Jury's Out


Watching Tesla design chief Franz von Holzhausen smash the Cybertruck's supposedly unsmashable window with a metal ball may have been the most awkward moment of Thursday night's presentation, but it wasn't the most confusing. That came when Elon Musk wrapped up the debut of his new electric pickup truck, told the crowd of whooping Tesla fans and harried journalists to enjoy themselves, and walked off the stage. The departure of the Tesla and SpaceX CEO was perplexing because it made clear this reveal wouldn't include the focus on design and engineering that marked the introductions of the Model X, Model 3, Model Y, and a home battery storage solution. In the 25-minute presentation at SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles, Musk harped on the toughness of the pickup truck, a key attribute for a vehicle meant to challenge the likes of the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado. The Cybertruck is made of the same stainless steel alloy SpaceX uses for its Starship spaceship, and can withstand attack from a 9-millimeter handgun.