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Tesla quietly delays Cybertruck to 2022


You'll have to temper your expectations if you were hoping to drive a Cybertruck before 2021 was over. Electrek notes that Tesla has quietly pushed the release of the electric pickup to next year on its configuration page, telling you that you'll get to customize your truck when "production nears in 2022." This applies regardless of model -- Tesla had already warned that single-motor trucks would arrive later, but that now applies to the dual- and tri-motor machines. Tesla had already hinted the 2021 target might not be realistic. Elon Musk said in January that there would only be a "few deliveries" of Cybertrucks in 2021, and that volume production was set for 2022.

Hot Wheels' latest RC Cybertruck puts a Cyberquad in your hand for only $100


The Hot Wheels Cybertruck hasn't even shipped yet, but Mattel has already announced a new version going on sale this week. This year's 1:10 version now includes the Cyberquad bike as part of the set, which can slide neatly into the trunk of the Cybertruck. And this new toy is way cheaper than the original collector's edition -- only $100 for the entire package, going on sale this Friday at Well, this version won't have the removable shell so you can look inside. And it doesn't include the "broken window" decal that was so charming last year.

Musk says new Tesla Cybertruck is coming 'soon'

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The folks at Safelite may want to get ready, because Tesla's about to unveil a new Cybertruck. The electric pickup first made its debut last November at a very eventful event where Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen cracked its so-called "armor glass" windows with a metal ball while trying to demonstrate how strong they were. In the months since, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the radical design was being tweaked for production, which is slated to begin in Texas next fall. This week, he responded to a follower on Twitter asking when the world may get a look at the update. Musk has previously noted that they were making several "small improvements" that could include lowering the window line and leveling the character line, which could result in less of a wedge look.

Musk says the Tesla Cybertruck has been shrunk, can float

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that the exterior size of the electric pickup has been reduced by around 3 percent since its infamous unveiling last fall, when its "armor glass" broke twice during a demonstration of its alleged strength. The original dimensions of the truck listed it at 231 inches long, 79.8 inches wide and 75 inches tall, and Musk said the update would result in a 1.5 percent reduction in cabin size. Musk added that the design has also been altered with a lower window sill and a more level centerline that could tone down its dramatic wedge stance. A Norwegian design student took the liberty of rendering what the Cybertruck might look like with Musk's suggested alterations. Responding to a question on Twitter about the water-fording capabilities of the Cybertruck, which will offer an air suspension and up to 16 inches of ground clearance, Musk said it will be able to float for a while, echoing a claim he previously made about the Tesla Model S sedan, but never demonstrated.

The new Tesla Cybertruck is missing this common feature

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The Tesla Cybertruck is about to take center stage again. The Tesla Cybertruck was first revealed in November 2019. More than two years after its original debut as a concept vehicle, it's looking like an updated version in production specification will be revealed in conjunction with Tesla's earnings call event on Wednesday. Photos of a Cybertruck being delivered to Tesla's Austin, Tex., headquarters were captured by a drone pilot on Sunday. Close-up images were also posted to the Cybertruck Owners Club fan forum, and a low-resolution walk-around video has appeared online revealing several new features and a significant omission.