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Howard University campus to open at Google's headquarters


Google is trying a new tack. The company announced Thursday it is creating a college campus at its Mountain View headquarters that's geared toward students at historically black colleges and universities. The campus, called Howard West, will launch this summer in partnership with Howard University of Washington, D.C. About 25 to 30 rising Howard juniors and seniors majoring in computer science will qualify for the program's first 12-week program, which will be taught by senior Google engineers and Howard faculty. "Howard West will continue Howard's tradition of providing historically unprecedented access to opportunity, only now with a 21st century twist: Literal real estate at the center of the digital economy," Bonita Stewart, Google's vice president of global partnerships, said in a statement.

Google, Howard University Launch Program For Black Students

International Business Times

In a bid to promote diversity and create a structure to provide black students with better careers in the technology industry, Google has partnered with Howard University in Washington, D.C., to launch the Howard West Program, the company announced Thursday on its official blog. The tech giant unveiled the program that will see black software engineers from "historically black colleges and universities" studying at the Google campus at Silicon Valley. "When I joined Google a decade ago, there was hardly any discussion of diversity in tech. "Howard West" is now the centerpiece of Google's effort to recruit more black software engineers from Historically Black Colleges and Universities -- and to make them feel right at home here in Mountain View," Bonita Stewart, Google's vice president for global partnerships, said in the blog. The three-month program at the Google campus will be open to seniors and juniors enrolled for the computer science course at Howard.

LinkedIn thinks campus recruiting hurts tech sphere diversity


Campus recruiting is a staple of hiring for tech companies, but the process feeds into the lack of diversity already plaguing the industry. Elite colleges have their own diversity problems. And when companies only recruit from elite schools the lack of diversity is magnified. That's what LinkedIn found when the professional network ditched campus recruiting in favor of regional recruitment events not limited to students at four-year colleges. "Our goal is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.

Google expands tech startup acceleration projects in LatAm


Google is looking to promote integration of technology startups across Brazil and Latin America via a series of initiatives at its Campus venue in São Paulo.

Odebrecht, nucleus of mega-graft scandal, tries to go clean

FOX News

SAO PAULO – On the sixteenth floor of the headquarters of Odebrecht, the construction company at the center of one of the largest graft scandals in history, the executive charged with stamping out corruption insists the firm has changed its ways. Meanwhile, at the reception area downstairs, a justice official delivers the latest subpoena from Brazilian investigators to question company employees. The contrasting currents sum up the situation for what used to be one of the most powerful businesses in Latin America as it works to move beyond an astonishing scandal that upended the political order in Brazil, brought down Peru's president and continues to have ripple effects in other nations. "We have only one chance to change, and to change definitively," said Olga Pontes, chief compliance officer, during an interview with The Associated Press. While the company has made considerable efforts to change its culture, questions remain about whether the firm can regain trust, particularly abroad, after years of funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of politicians, elected officials, political parties and executives to win construction mega-projects in Brazil and across the region.