Mapping Countries That Censor the Internet

The Atlantic - Technology

If you're having trouble with your internet connection, one of the first things tech support will ask you to do is to run a speed test. There are dozens of websites and apps that will, at the tap of a button, measure your network speed--but they can't tell you which sites you can actually access with that bandwidth. Even with a good connection, if you're in a country that censors the internet, whole swaths of the web might be out of reach. Now, there's an app that will test your internet connection not for speed, but for freedom. The program, ooniprobe, is part of a 5-year-old project called the Open Observatory of Network Interference, or OONI.

GE Digital reportedly to unwind, but its marketing gave the industrial Internet a boost


The internet of things embeds intelligence into business processes to let us measure and manage the enterprise in ways that were never possible before. General Electric is reportedly looking to sell its Predix and software assets as it retreats from a grand plan to be a tech company and leader of the industrial Internet. According to The Wall Street Journal, GE will auction off its technology assets, which include ServiceMax, Meridium as well as Predix. Former CEO Jeff Immelt pushed a strategy to make GE a top 10 software company by 2020. That plan is now dead.

Microsoft rushes out Windows 10 patch to fix broken Internet connections


An odd thing happened this morning. My Windows 10 PC notified me I had another system update ready and waiting for a reboot--the second update in less than a week! Turns out, this latest update fixes a big mistake that may (or may not) have rolled out earlier this month. Several Windows 10 users recently reported difficulty connecting to the Internet, with the presumed culprit being the December 9 update KB3201845. That may not be the case, however.