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FreshLime is building a next-generation customer engagement platform for locally-focused businesses. It is a multi-channel platform that gathers data from marketing, point of sale, and customer data, enabling merchants to develop and implement targeted marketing campaigns to increase customer spend and frequency. Rasa Technologies provides the standard infrastructure layer for developers to build, improve, and deploy better AI assistants. The Company offers an open-source machine learning tools for developers to create contextual text and voice-based chatbots and assistants. Rasa Technologies serves customers in the United States and Germany.

Conversational AI platforms demand grows Conversational AI


Conversational AI is a form of Artificial Intelligence that allows people to communicate with applications, websites and devices in everyday, humanlike natural language via voice, text, touch or gesture input. For users it allows fast interaction using their own words and terminology. For enterprises it offers a way to build a closer connection with customers through personalized interaction and receive an unprecedented amount of vital business information in return. The last eighteen months have seen no abatement in the demand for conversational AI platforms and predictions from major analyst firms shows the trend is set to continue strongly in 2018. But throughout this, there is an underlying message; enterprises need to deploy conversational platforms that are capable of truly understanding the customer--however they phrase the question.

Evolution of next gen chatbots: How natural language processing is changing the game- Technology News, Firstpost


With Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolutionizing all walks of business and social life, enterprises are plugging in conversational AI to enhance cross channel customer experience. Gartner predicts that more than 50 percent of enterprises will opt for chatbots as the preferred channel over traditional mobile apps. The technology at the core of the rise of the chatbot is natural language processing (NLP). NLP infused chatbots, designed to mimic human conversations, have gone through the peak of Gartner hype cycle expectations, the trough of disillusionment and are heading towards enlightenment and productivity. With more people using chat to communicate, chatbots have gained a lot of importance and are fast becoming a trend for digitally empowered consumers.

Ilya Gelfenbeyn, CEO of, on AI and the IoT


Artificial Intelligence is a fascinating topic for many people nowadays, no matter if they are a consumer or an influencer. Today, I'm happy to be joined by Ilya Gelfenbeyn, CEO and co-founder of, a conversational UX platform used to embed natural language understanding capabilities into connected devices, apps and services. Regular readers of SitePoint may recognize the service, as we have covered in the past with a series earlier this year on getting started with the platform. Ilya has a background in machine learning, natural language processing and conversational interfaces. Elio: We have covered in the past, but could you briefly explain the concept behind it?

14 of the Best AI Chatbot Platforms to Increase Your Conversions in 2019


Have you ever placed an order through the Starbucks app? If you have, you might have noticed that an AI-powered chatbot takes your order. You can speak to it or type in your message. These AI chatbot platform will help you when your order is expected to be ready and the total cost. Similarly, the Pizza Hut chatbot on Facebook messenger can help you order your pizza. It can tell you all about their ongoing deals too. Smart businesses are integrating conversational chatbots into their inbound marketing strategies.