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German Airport in Duesseldorf Reopened After Security Incident: Airport Spokeswoman

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BERLIN (Reuters) - Two of the three terminals at the airport of the West German city of Duesseldorf have been reopened after a security incident while the third terminal is expected to open shortly, a spokeswoman for the airport said on Friday.

How security is changing in European airports after the Brussels attack


Airport security across Europe is under review after the check-in area of Brussels' Zaventem airport was hit with two explosions on Tuesday. At around 8:00 a.m., two blasts tore through the public area of Zaventem airport, where people were checking in and seeing off loved ones. It's raised serious questions about the vulnerability of airport reception areas and entrances. Here's how European countries are changing their airport security in the wake of the Brussels attack. A spokesperson for Heathrow Airport told Mashable that an increased police presence is currently in place, but it was too early to talk of long-term changes.

Citing Staff, Security Checkpoint Closed at Maryland Airport

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Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport says it expects "minimal, if any" problems for passengers since a security checkpoint closed because of staffing issues due to the federal government shutdown.

Airports Seeing Rise in Security Screeners Calling off Work

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The federal agency tasked with guaranteeing U.S. airport security is acknowledging an increase in the number of its employees calling off work that coincides with the partial government shutdown.

Airports Turn To Security Contractors To Combat Long Lines

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Two years ago the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) offered 15,000 to anybody – literally anybody – who could come up with an idea to speed up airport security. It awarded the prize to somebodies for something. They wouldn't say who won or for which idea, but since we're here two years later with longer wait times than ever, it's fair to say it hasn't lived up to the groundbreaking ideals of that call to action. Instead, the country has seized upon a dated proposal to kick out the TSA and replace it with private security to make air travel faster, cheaper, and more efficient. But U.S. law says airports have to use the TSA, and so debate has boiled down to whether airports should take advantage of the TSA's Screening Partnership Program (SPP), in which private security contractors are brought in to replace TSA passenger-screeners in the check lanes.