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Energy Department unveils roadmap for a national quantum internet


The US is determined to achieve supremacy in quantum computing, and that now includes plans for a fledgling quantum internet. The Department of Energy has provided a "blueprint strategy" for a prototype national quantum internet that could be completed within 10 years. The Department's 17 national labs would serve as the "backbone" of the network, although the report outlining the system noted that it would start out small and require reaching four milestones. Designers would first verify that secure quantum protocols work properly over current fiber optic networks. Networks then have to start sending quantum entangled data (that is, photos linked with each other at a distance) across cities and school campuses.

Quantum Internet Is 13 Years Away. Wait, What's Quantum Internet?


A year ago this week, Chinese physicists launched the world's first quantum satellite. Unlike the dishes that deliver your Howard Stern and cricket tournaments, this 1,400-pound behemoth doesn't beam radio waves. Instead, the physicists designed it to send and receive bits of information encoded in delicate photons of infrared light. It's a test of a budding technology known as quantum communications, which experts say could be far more secure than any existing info relay system. They've kept the satellite busy.

How Are We Moving Toward the Transformative World of Quantum Network?


Remember the bold claim made in 2017 that the quantum internet would be here by 2030. From then to now, experts are still figuring out some of the basic aspects of it--from how to overcome the challenges to when will it be around us. This article is a quick walk through the things obstructing and forwarding the deployment of quantum networking. Data transmission and data communication can be facilitated by building a network called the quantum network. It is similar to the classical style of communication and data exchange between different interconnected entities.

The "Quantum Internet" Is Just a Decade Away. Here's What You Need to Know.


The word "quantum" sounds so advanced and complex that people tend to get hyped up about anything attached to it. While not every quantum breakthrough elicits a positive response, in the case of a so-called quantum internet, people have a reason to be excited.

European scientists are developing an UNHACKABLE 'quantum internet'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A Dutch technology firm is using quantum computer technology to make the internet impossible to hack. QuTech is hoping to connect Amsterdam, Delft, The Hague and Leiden with an impenetrable quantum internet by 2020. The researchers are trying to utilise the phenomena of quantum entanglement, which allows two particles to respond instantaneously if something happens to either other one. This link, which Einstein called'spooky action at a distance', can theoretically exist over vast distances and would make the quantum connection ultra-secure. Any internet connection making use of this connection would destroy the data if a hacking attempt was made and would leave clear evidence of tampering.