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How machine learning levels the SERP playing field


We don't ordinarily think of Google when we think about competition in the digital marketing world, since it seems to reliably dominate most areas in which it does business. A recent segment discussing corporate monopolies on John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" hilariously referenced Bing as the dominant search engine with a graphic that stated, "Bing. For the most part, however, the digital marketing sphere has been a fairly competitive landscape, though there were exceptions to this maxim. Established brands frequently dominated top SERP positions because of long-standing trust, fresh domains had to wait their turn in line, and black-hat SEO allowed webmasters to game the system and deliver high rankings for thin content. A decade ago, SEO agencies and webmasters could apply simple heuristics and buzzworthy keywords to rank content regardless of its utility to user intent or actual quality.

Digital Customer Experience ROI: (How To) Show Me The Money

Forbes - Tech

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The author is a Forbes contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer. Many companies are still unsure s how to build the business case for customer journey mapping, particularly for digital experiences and digital products. While better customer experiences drive revenue in industries with low switching costs, what about investments in customer journey mapping?

On a first-day district tour, new L.A. schools chief signals his style and intent

Los Angeles Times

After 12 stops over 14 hours, the message was complicated. The nation's second-largest school system is spending more than it's taking in and also must address lagging student achievement, declining enrollment, labor unrest and political turmoil -- all while managing 1,000 campuses serving more than half a million students, of whom 4 out of 5 live in poverty.

Justice Ginsburg, 84, Signals Intent to Work for Years More

U.S. News

Trump remarked during the campaign that he might get to name four justices while president. But conservatives hoping to lock in a majority on the court during Trump's presidency would be happy for now with just one more vacancy. They are focused not on Ginsburg but on the prospect that Justice Anthony Kennedy might retire this year. Kennedy, too, has hired law clerks for next term, a possible hint he plans on staying. The Above the Law blog first reported on Ginsburg's and Kennedy's clerk hirings.

Customer Journey Mapping - Customer Attuned


Customer Experience Management is a hot topic, and understanding and "managing" customers' cross-channel journeys sits at its heart. We have developed an approach to quickly and efficiently make progress in customer journey mapping and thereby'engineer' your customer experience. Many companies concentrate their journey mapping efforts on "getting the processes right". This approach is likely to see quality and consistency improvements, but often at the cost of the customer feeling'processed', plus opportunities can be lost because the customer doesn't want to "do it your way". We believe that Customer Experience designers must understand that how the customer felt about the experience is very often more important than what was physically done.