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How Artificial Intelligence Innovations are Used in the Fitness Industry - ReadWrite


It's hard to find an industry that isn't in the process of being transformed by digital technologies, and the world of fitness is no exception. While people have been working out or exercising for decades, if not centuries, how they're doing so is rapidly evolving. Here is how artificial intelligence innovations are used in the fitness industry. Technologies like digital wearables enhanced with artificial intelligence are a natural fit for the fitness industry. Some of these products and solutions have already seen increasingly widespread adoption, while others are only beginning to penetrate consumer consciousness.

How AI in Fitness is revolutionizing the Fitness industry?


The advent of artificial intelligence and its subsets (computer vision, machine learning, NLP, and more) is modernizing the health and fitness industry at an unprecedented rate. By making fitness machines, gadgets, wearables, and mobile applications smarter, this technology is helping people to stay fit and healthy. Right from helping businesses in this industry in improving their marketing and sales strategies to assisting people to reshape their day-to-day habits, AI is playing a big role in the fitness world. And if you are wondering how AI has become a game-changer, then this article is for you. Here, we have listed all the benefits it renders to the fitness world.

How AI Can Solve Problems for Gym/Studio Owners in 2020


The coronavirus global pandemic has shaken up nearly every consumer category, influencing new consumer behaviors, choking entire industries and inspiring growth in others. As housebound consumers adapt to life without gyms, the fitness industry has seen an enormous change. In 2020, gym owners have received cancellation requests, a drop in sales and in package repurchases. With rentals and salaries to pay, and no revenue to speak of, many gyms have shut down. There have been thousands of job losses.

4 AI-Based Personal Trainers That Are Changing The Future of Fitness


A website designed to help people become industry leading personal trainers. When it comes to exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet, things are challenging. We often find all kinds of excuses to avoid exercising. People often ask themselves "What if the diet isn't going to work?", or "What workout plan to choose?". All of these questions might seem intimidating and going to the gym is also intimidating to most people.

My Coach, the Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) is conquering sports and the corona pandemic is accelerating this trend. Whether it's clever fitness apps, strategic statistical analyses, grouping of spectators or even the fight against Covid-19 - AI has become indispensable in sports. In 2013 three young men founded a fitness app start-up in Munich - with a YouTube video, a newsletter and three PDFs. Today Freeletics, as the leading company in the so-called fit-tech scene, has over 50 million users in 175 countries worldwide. This spectacular development shows how rapidly AI has found its way into sports.