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How to have a continuous conversation with Amazon Alexa

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Having a smart assistant in your home can be all sorts of useful. But when you need to set an alarm, add something to your shopping list, turn on your smart lights, and find out the weather, the process can get somewhat tedious when you have to use a wake word with every question. You can really start to feel like an evil stepsister. Thankfully, Amazon added the ability to hold a continuous conversation with your smart assistant, a feature called "Follow-Up Mode." And Google recently did the same with the Google Assistant's Continued Conversations.

Got An Amazon Echo For Christmas? Here's How To Set It Up

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Amazon Echo is a speaker that acts as a personal voice assistant. You can control the Echo with your voice; and tell it to do things like play music, read the news, add items to your to-do lists and tell you the weather. Before you can get to that part though, you'll need to set up your Amazon Echo. We put together a guide for those of you who were lucky enough to snag an Echo this year. With the Alexa app, you can easily set your device, manage your alarms, music, shopping lists and more.

How to find, view, and delete everything the Amazon Echo and Google Home know about you


Has Amazon's Echo and Google's Google Home taken up residence in your home? They are supremely useful after all, providing assistance with everything from weather forecasts to smart-home control. All you need to do is ask. In order to fulfill your requests, however, both of these voice-activated digital assistants must upload your verbal commands to the cloud. Just what does that entail?

Amazon Echo Tips and Tricks


So you got yourself a brand new Amazon Echo Dot. You'll get along great with it. But before you start yelling at your shiny new toy, take a quick look at the full range of what it can do for you. It's more than you might have imagined. The tips and tricks below also mostly work for, well, any Alexa-powered device.

How to stop strangers from listening in on your Alexa chats (and why you should)


Privacy Please is an ongoing series exploring the ways privacy is violated in the modern world, and what can be done about it. Amazon's Alexa can feel like a form of magic. By merely speaking it into the universe, users can conjure up-to-the minute weather reports from far-off lands, summon physical goods to be same-day rushed to their doors, and even get medical advice. But as with most magic tricks, when it comes to Alexa, it's worth paying attention to just who, exactly, is behind the curtain. Because, despite what many people may assume, with Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo, there is very much someone behind the curtain.