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Automation Beyond the Physical: AI in the Public Sector


It used to be that the term "automation" meant robotic arms in factories doing repetitive tasks -- fastening one part to another, drilling a screw, folding a piece of material. These days, the word means a lot more. AI means automation beyond the physical. It means automation of the tasks that previously took a living brain to complete -- things like conversation, data analysis, even driving. And ultimately, AI isn't anything new; computer scientists have been discussing and building it for decades now.

Reality Check: Is public sector pay higher than private sector?

BBC News

Reality Check verdict: It is a difficult comparison to make, but IFS calculations suggest that Lord Lamont is probably right. However, in recent years private sector pay has been growing faster than public sector pay and the gap between public and private pay is expected to continue to narrow in the coming years if current government policies are implemented. Former chancellor Lord Lamont was on Radio 4 on Monday morning championing the case for continued pay restraint. He pointed out that public sector pay in Great Britain is above private sector even taking into account qualifications. The point about qualifications is important, because jobs in the public sector tend to require higher qualifications.

The Growing Need Of Ethical Guidelines For Quantum Computing


The invention of supercomputers was a boon and a bane. Boon, because it started technological advancements that were once unimaginable and bane because it came with its own set of challenges, especially for ethical decision makers. Supercomputers can perform insanely fast computing functions compared to normal desktop computers. They can breakdown codes, hack other systems, passwords, and that's the problem. When you are online banking, you input all your valuable information.

Government plans reform of Japan's wholesale food markets to engage private sector

The Japan Times

The government and ruling bloc are planning to allow the private sector to open and manage central wholesale food markets, sources with knowledge of the matter said.