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Get Inspired By Dell IoT With Poweredge


Read more About Boomi and Dell IoT and how it is preparing the IT sector to face the future. A It is an ecosystem where sensors, devices and equipment are connected to a network and can transmit and receive data for tracking, analysis and action. IoT is a concept that can be (and is already being) applied to many industries – healthcare, transport, civic management, manufacturing, auto sector etc. It affects all of us on a personal and professional front. A Creating secure and scalable Internet of Things solutions takes a tall stack of technology and, often, a robust set of partners.

Artificial Intelligence will be a problem solver for the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) is conquering the world. At the center of networking the devices are Big Data, which brings in one of the challenges to IoT. It is becoming increasingly important to process data as early as possible. "The amount of data related to the Internet of Things is enormous – they have to be filtered. A processing directly in the device is already often more efficient.

IDEAS conference to address digital privacy issues in an era of big data


All it takes is 300 "likes" while you're scrolling through your newsfeed -- that's the point at which Facebook knows you better than your own spouse or your best friend. So if you're averaging 10 "likes" a day, it will take just a month for the social network behemoth to have you figured out more accurately than the people you consider your soul mates. And if you're a compulsive clicker of the "thumbs up" icon, Facebook may have insight into your innermost thoughts and feelings in a mere week-and-a-half. If that alarms you, then you may want to take note of a conference coming up at Concordia University next week in which academics will meet to tackle the tricky issue of digital privacy and to ask the question: Are Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft controlling our lives? Organizer Bipin Desai believes they are -- that's why he never uses Google to search for anything, nor Google maps to navigate.

Microsoft's Project Madeira turns Outlook into a small-business productivity hub


If that seems confusing, consider how the Outlook apps for iOS and Android include a calendar, but without breaking the calendar portion out as a separate application. Technically, Microsoft defines Project Madeira as a public cloud service (or software as a service) for Windows, iOS or Android devices, running on top of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft promises that Madeira will include financials, dimensions, sales and purchase management, inventory, CRM (opportunity management), multi-currency, and business insight. Eventually, Microsoft promises third-party developers will create extensions for Madeira, which will be sold in an apps marketplace. The service is scheduled to become generally available in the U.S. during the second half of 2016, with other countries to follow.

Spymasters hunt for coding and tech apprentices to help combat hackers and cyber-attacks


Britain's intelligence and security agencies are looking to recruit technically-minded apprentices to help combat the increasing threats that Britain faces from terrorists, hackers and cyber fraudsters. But if you do apply, don't post about it on Facebook or Twitter. Intelligence agency GCHQ and the domestic and foreign security services MI5 and MI6 want to recruit young people interested in technology and coding. The'British Intelligence Higher Apprenticeship in IT, Software, Internet and Telecoms' leads to a foundation degree, and offers a year working in Cheltenham with placements at GCHQ or London, and possibly at MI5, MI6, or the National Crime Agency afterwards. The higher apprenticeship will cover areas including programming, information assurance, software engineering, analogue and digital signal processing, GSM fundamentals and mobile telephony protocols, plus fundamentals of data communications and protocols, all of which should be a good grounding for apprentice spies.