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Qantas suffers website outage


Qantas is currently experiencing network issues affecting some services on its website. The airline confirmed the issue via Twitter, replying to customers unable to use the Qantas website. "There is currently a network issue that isn't isolated to Qantas," Qantas wrote. "We're doing our best to have everything up and fully running again asap." In another reply, Qantas confirmed it was experiencing "technical difficulties" with its website and that it had teams currently working on it.

The head of Qantas just got smacked in the face with a pie, for some reason


It seems the grand tradition of pieing is alive and well. Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce, has had a pie shoved in his face by an unknown man at a business conference in Perth on Tuesday morning. SEE ALSO: I wouldn't want to be the person who's paid to do this for Johnny Depp According to The West Australian, the head of the country's largest airline -- and one of the world's oldest -- was only three minutes into his speech at the West Business Leadership Matters conference, when a man in a suit came up behind him and calmly smacked a pie into his face. The assailant slinked off to stage left, as Joyce stood there stunned, trying to clean the cream off his suit in front of 500 people. However, Joyce maintained his composure, reportedly saying "I don't know what that was about," before stepping off stage momentarily to clean himself.

Qantas Boss Gets Pie in Face From Gay Marriage Opponent

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Qantas Airways chief executive Alan Joyce speaks to media Wednesday, May 10, 2017, at Parliament House in Canberra, Australia. A man who squashed a lemon meringue pie into Qantas Airways chief executive Joyce's face during a public address in Australia says he was protesting Joyce's advocacy for same-sex marriage. Joyce was giving a speech to 500 people in a Perth hotel on Tuesday when Tony Overheu approached from behind, pressed the pie in his face then fled.(AP

Qantas passenger doesn't leave seat for 17-hour flight

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A passenger on a 17-hour Qantas flight didn't get up the entire time, according to researchers. For many travelers, a trip to a cramped airplane bathroom is unavoidable. But one man has beaten the odds, perhaps to a fault. A passenger on the 17-hour Qantas flight from Perth, Australia, to London, England managed to stay in his seat for the entire ride, not once getting up to use the facilities, the Independent reported. The man's incredible, bladder-bursting feat baffled researchers at the University of Sydney, who are studying passenger comfort on long-haul flights, and were collaborating with the airline in order to conduct their research.

Facial recognition airport: System makes immediate impact in US


After just three days using its new cutting-edge facial comparison biometric system, US customs intercepted an imposter posing as a French citizen trying to enter America. The 26-year-old man who was travelling from Sao Paulo, Brazil, last week became the first person to be caught out by the new technology, which is currently being tested at 14 international US airports. After the system alerted to a facial discrepancy, a search of the passenger revealed the man had concealed a Republic of Congo identification card in his shoe. He was deported without charge. US Customs and Border Protection hope the facial recognition software will detect terrorists and criminals before they can enter the US.