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Listening to what's being said about your brand can be invaluable for any business. Humans can identify positive and negative sentiments, identify slang, sarcasm, irony, and more. However, the enormous volumes of chatter on the internet make it difficult to determine the overall public sentiments. No need to get anxious, that is exactly what sentiment analysis tools are for. Sentiment analysis tools can help you compile and analyze everything that's being said about your brand.

Sentiment analysis by Jake Kula


In the Pages application: marketers can measure the sentiment of the content they're producing. Microsoft Azure Text Sentiment Analysis interprets positive, neutral, and negative sentiment in real time. For example, "I like everything" will yield a high sentiment. Conversely, "I don't like anything" will yield a negative sentiment and "this is some text" will yield a neutral sentiment. This helps your marketing teams ensure that when they're creating content, the sentiment is in line with the context of the content strategy.

Sentiment analysis, machine learning open up world of possibilities


The consumer sentiment analysis of this one's pretty easy, but will they be compensated? When a person feels sufficiently wronged to lodge a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), there's likely to be some negative sentiment involved. But is there a connection between the language they use and the likelihood they will be compensated by the offending company? At the upcoming Sentiment Analysis Symposium, I will discuss how machine learning and rule-based sentiment analysis can support each other in a complementary analysis, and produce actionable information from large amounts of free form text. In this case, machine learning and sentiment analysis could improve and evolve the CFPB's ability to assess consumer complaints.

AI-Based Sentiment Analysis Improves Customer Experience


Capturing IT effort that is overlooked or misinterpreted by Key Performance Indicators. KPIs such as call duration are not necessarily the best way to measure the effectiveness your IT support staff. For example, a long phone call may mean that your agent is handling a complex issue--not having trouble resolving it. You can use Sentiment Analysis to identify the agents that are consistently involved in calls with a positive sentiment, so you can reward them and use them to mentor less experienced team members. By pulling sentiment data into your IT department's KPI reports, you can find correlations that might otherwise be hidden.

Can Context Extraction replace Sentiment Analysis?


Most of the systems on the market will clock anywhere around 55-65% for unseen data, even though they might be 85% accurate in their cross-validations. At this juncture, it's important to realize that sentiment analysis is critical for any system monitoring customer reviews or social media posts. Hardly had the business world caught up with a sentence level sentiment analysis, we are now moving to aspect level sentiment analysis - more directed & granular, adding to the complexity. The question is this - can we do something to augment our sentiment analysis? For the past few months, I have been using context and relationship extraction to augment sentiment analysis.