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The Drilling Rigs of the Big Data Age - insideBIGDATA


It is true that we are awash in all kinds of data, and the value chain is clear: large amounts of data, machines/software used to analyze that data, insights derived from it, money generated from those insights.

Volterra Gets $50M to Secure Distributed Computing Environments


Gartner expects that "by 2022 more than 50% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside the data center or cloud." This transition will drive increasingly distributed deployments of applications and data, along with a highly varied set of infrastructure. Nowhere will this be more visible than the evolution away from centralized data centers, as "by 2022, Gartner expects the majority of enterprise data to be produced and processed outside of data centers, and it is conceivable that it will grow to 75%, 80% or 90% by 2025." To address the major challenges that will result from widely distributed applications and diverse infrastructure, Volterra has innovated a consistent, cloud-native environment that can be deployed across multiple public clouds and edge sites -- a distributed cloud platform. Transitioning to a consistent operating model across cloud and edge environments has become a top priority for infrastructure and DevOps teams.

Ravi Kikan on LinkedIn: #startups #startup #entrepreneurs


I had met Vishal Chaddha at the coworking startup that I was heading sometime back Plus Offices His clear vision, focus on growth and tech were some quick things that I really loved. So this time I reached out to him and like all benevolent awesome leaders he spared his 2 cents for his POV for my book. Vishal Chaddha has been in the startup ecosystem for over decade as an Investor, Entrepreneur and Venture Partner backing over 25 early stage tech & tech enabled startups across the APAC region over this period. Vishal is the founding member of Technology & Data Science company Xelp which he successfully led to an IPO with his co-founders in 2019 in India. Seed stage, early stage startups, aspiring entrepreneurs, students and hustlers might find his POV in the book useful to read and share.

LEGO ditches oil-based plastics for some of its toys, will use plants instead


LEGO's plastic superheroes, astronauts, knights, and ninjas are, like most such materials, primarily made from oil. Legos have been made this way for nearly 70 years. But the toy company now wants to wean itself from petroleum and produce its famous toys with plants instead -- specifically tropically-grown sugarcane.

Why Is It Taking So Long to Figure Out if Baker Mayfield Is Good?


For the first time since before the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted LeBron James, the city's NFL team is in the playoffs. Led in part by running back Nick Chubb and defensive end Myles Garrett, the Browns could win their first postseason game since 1994, when they were technically a whole other franchise that then moved to Baltimore. The Browns' chances largely depend on which of their quarterbacks suits up: early-season struggler Baker Mayfield, or his clutch late-season alter ego. How do we know which Baker Mayfield we'll get? The postseason is a whole other uncharted season, after all.