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7 ways companies can deliver better virtual events


What happens when that stage no longer has a jumbotron, special effects, and a state-of-the-art sound system? How do you amplify your pitch and your prospects when front row, center stage seats go virtual? While the context has shifted, the demand for events that create connections and convert leads into sales haven't. "Audiences still want what audiences want: content, community and connections," reminds Bari Baumgardner, an event planning veteran and founder of SAGE Event Management. "The question is how to deliver what audiences want through live events delivered virtually."

Are you working at home or sleeping at work?


We've hand-picked 12 well-rated standing desks that satisfy a range of wants and needs. There's a grain of truth in every joke, it's often said. When a colleague mentioned in passing he feels like he now sleeps at work, we were reminded of a favorite sitcom episode where one of the lead characters, George, struggles to balance work and rest effectively. By leaving his suit coat gently draped over his office chair at all times, he masters the tricky balance between appearing to be always on at work and well-rested. The joke's up the moment there's an emergency announcement in the office that prompts George's boss to shelter in place under the nearest desk, where he's startled to discover George nestled on a pillow.

When leadership goes virtual: What works, and what doesn't work


"The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity." When skip level meetings are replaced with all hands virtual meetings? And when the new normal of work from home gives way to the next normal of work from anywhere? We know how difficult it can be to work remotely, both physically and psychologically. Karen Mangia is vice president of customer and market insights and a member of the Salesforce's Work From Home Task Force.

How to authentically extend your professional network


"If you are not receiving or making at least one introduction a month, you are probably not fully engaging your extended professional network." Karen Mangia, vice president of customer and market insights and a member of the Salesforce's Work From Home Task Force, and I have co-authored several articles on how you can reach your full potential and deliver peak performance while working from home. The path toward achieving high-performance work at home starts with how you design and architect your surroundings, followed by how you practice and refine the art and science of public speaking and presentation skills. The next most important success factor for work is how you manage your time -- pause, ponder and prioritize your time. Now, as a manager, the awesome privilege of managing a remote team requires a new playbook and mindset that can guide your team's collective ability to reach their full potential.

How record-holding champions surf the waves of uncertainty


Research shows that 40% of remote employees would prefer to work remotely even after the pandemic is over. The research shows that remote workers are only experiencing on average a 1% decline in productivity. Salesforce Research also revealed that 86% of remote workers rate their productivity as excellent or good. That said, there are real challenges when working remotely and doing your very best to communicate with your leadership team and managers. This TechRepublic Premium ebook compiles the latest on cancelled conferences, cybersecurity attacks, remote work tips, and the impact this pandemic is having on the tech industry.