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Subsetting Columns


If we want to use these techniques to just subset columns, we must use Python's slicing syntax. We need to do this because if we are subsetting columns, we are getting all the rows for the specified column. So, we need a method to capture all the rows. The Python slicing syntax uses a colon,:. If we have just a colon, the attribute refers to everything.

Automate Your Excel Models & Reporting


About some time back, we hired a smart analyst in our team (let's call him Sam). Sam's role required him to create and maintain various financial & business models in Excel. He seemed to be on top of his game! Within 2 months of his joining, he had created 2 new models, both of them had very neat interfaces and seemed to work impeccably – really good achievement for a new member in the team.

Excel pro tips: How to create, define, and use Named Ranges


Working with ranges in Excel is a fast and simple way to identify, define, or refer to a single cell, a range (or group) of cells, a specific or constant value, or a formula. Then you can use those range names in your formulas or macros to replace values or cell references, or to quickly and more easily navigate through your spreadsheets and workbooks. It's also a more efficient way to manage the various processes that you've created in your worksheets. For example, ranges are often named after the field (or column) names that define their contents. If you'd prefer a different range name, enter that name in place of the name Excel suggested.

RangeAmp attacks can take down websites and CDN servers


A team of Chinese academics has found a new way to abuse HTTP packets to amplify web traffic and bring down websites and content delivery networks (CDNs). Named RangeAmp, this new Denial-of-Service (DoS) technique exploits incorrect implementations of the HTTP "Range Requests" attribute. HTTP Range Requests are part of the HTTP standard and allow clients (usually browsers) to request only a specific portion (range) of a file from a server. The feature was created for pausing and resuming traffic in controlled (pause/resume actions) or uncontrolled (network congestion or disconnections) situations. The HTTP Range Requests standard has been under discussion at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for more than half a decade, but, due to its usefulness, has already been implemented by browsers, servers, and CDNs.

Create a real-time dashboard using Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Analysis Services, and Power BI


Configure incremental refresh - Follow the steps in incremental refresh with Power BI article to configure incremental refresh for the dataset. Since the dataset has a Date column that is in text form, the RangeStart and RangeEnd parameters should be transformed to use the following filter.