Tailgate Parties In An Era Of Self-Driving Cars: Thriving Or Taking A Dive?


For anyone unfamiliar with what tailgates are, they're that thing on station wagons (which admittedly don't have the popularity they once did) that folded down at the back of the vehicle. Admittedly, having an actual tailgate is not a requirement to partake in tailgating.



I have never seen an autonomous train/driverless train/self-driving train in my whole life and I happened to see it in Singapore. I couldn't believe my eyes, I had to double check and triple to see that I wasn't seeing things. So when I got onto the train, I made my way to the front carriage and lo and behold. It was an autonomous train/driverless train/self-driving train. There were no driver or any room for a driver anywhere.

Google Waymo Self-Driving Cars Project Now Includes Testing Driverless Truck Technology

International Business Times

Alphabet's self-driving car company Waymo is testing autonomous truck technology, according to BuzzFeed. Waymo confirmed to BuzzFeed its move after the outlet learned of the move through a photograph. The company said it was manually driving the vehicle on a public road to collect data. "Self-driving technology can transport people and things much more safely than we do today and reduce the thousands of trucking-related deaths each year," a Waymo spokesperson told BuzzFeed. "We're taking our eight years of experience in building self-driving hardware and software and conducting a technical exploration into how our technology can integrate into a truck."

Chevy's new tailgate tech

FOX News

General Motors just received patent approval for a tailgate step in a pickup bed. And given the timing, don't be surprised if you see this on the upcoming 2019 Silverado pickup (not the mention its GMC Sierra twin), expected to arrive in late 2018. According to the patent, granted in December of last year, the whole mechanism is housed in the tailgate assemble. The magic happens when a portion of the top half of the tailgate swings down and a step folds out. There's also a handle that locks into position to help climb up into the bed.

Why Apple And Amazon Are Planning Self-Driving Cars

International Business Times

This article originally appeared on the Motley Fool. IHS estimates that there will by 76 million autonomous vehicles on the road by 2035, and Boston Consulting Group expects the driverless car market to be worth $77 billion by that year. Autonomous vehicles have the potential to upend the transportation and technology industries, something that isn't lost on Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). Both companies have been in the spotlight recently for their self-driving vehicle plans, so let's take a look at what each is doing with driverless car technology and why. A recent Wall Street Journal article (paywall) said Amazon created a driverless car technology group about a year ago with the intention of figuring out how to use autonomous vehicles to improve its delivery process.