"Alexa, can we talk" – in the car?

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Jefferson Graham takes a look at two products that bring Alexa and voice-activated controls to the auto, Garmin Speak and Roav Viv. MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif.--"Alexa, find the nearest gas station!" It's a request you'd probably love to get the answer to, especially if you're low on the gas and behind the wheel on a dark, deserted highway. Or, you're hungry and determined to go to Chipotle. Specific music that's not going to come up on your radio.

Apple CarPlay: The good, the bad, and the what were they thinking?


Video: Does Apple need a cheaper iPhone? Let's get this out of the way right at the start. I like having CarPlay in my car, but I absolutely can't recommend it. I had a CarPlay unit installed in my car about two weeks ago. I had it actually working for about three days. So, please, view this article more as a first-impressions article than as something based on a lot of road miles. Apple describes CarPlay as "your ultimate copilot." There is nothing ultimate about CarPlay.

Feeling 1% more 'Elvis' in a little town in Germany

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It's 40 years this month since Elvis Presley died. His Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee is a place of pilgrimage for fans - but so too is a German town which, as Rob Crossan found, is very proud of its connection to the King of Rock and Roll. The street was the very picture of sturdy German middle-class prosperity - dappled, leafy, with white wooden dog-tooth fences, weather vanes and plane trees. Yet one house seemed a little different. A sporty, defiantly rebellious-looking white BMW 507 coupe was parked outside and a small cardboard sign by the front gate read: "Autographs: 7:30-8pm."

Man avoids rain puddle by pressing button and summoning his Tesla


To avoid a rather sizable puddle of rainwater, a Reddit user employed a helpful piece of Tesla technology, the "Summon" feature.

SiriusXM iOS App Update Adds CarPlay Support

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This means subscribers may now listen to the satellite radio service using their in-car entertainment system that's running on CarPlay.