Weber County Commissioner Leaving Post for State Department

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Department of Natural Resources Executive Director Mike Styler says in a statement that Gibson's experience as farmer, state legislator and a county commissioner makes him qualified to serve as a deputy director.

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn is stepping down


FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn has announced that she will be stepping down from the commission following a tenure that featured a strong advocacy of net neutrality. Commissioner Clyburn shared her plans to leave the commission during an FCC meeting today. Appointed to the commission in 2009 by Barack Obama, she also held the position of Acting Chairwoman in 2013 prior to Tom Wheeler's appointment as Chair. Not only did Commissioner Clyburn support and help author the net neutrality regulations put in place in 2015, she was also vocally against their repeal last year saying during the FCC vote, "I dissent. During a conversation with us at CES this year, she did express hope that we haven't seen the end of net neutrality just yet.

Kendrick Lamar Praised By LAPD Commissioner, Calls Him A 'Friend'

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Kendrick Lamar may rap about hating the "po po," but the commissioner of the Los Angeles Police Department, Steve Soboroff, has no problem seeing past that. After meeting at a recent Los Angeles Clippers basketball game, Soboroff spoke with TMZ about his encounter with the rapper. He says he now considers the "DAMN." "I consider him a friend," said Soboroff. "And I think he considers me a friend, and I know his manager and some of the other folks around him consider me a friend.

Alaska Legislature Confirms Public Safety Commissioner

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Price was confirmed on a 34-25 vote in a joint session of the Legislature. All of Gov. Mike Dunleavy's other Cabinet-level picks also were confirmed, some unanimously. Receiving similarly split votes were Jason Brune as Environmental Conservation commissioner and Adam Crum as Health and Social Services commissioner. At least 31 votes are needed to win confirmation.

Two Former FCC Commissioners Debate Net Neutrality WSJD - Technology

Michael Copps, who supports net neutrality rules, was a Democratic FCC commissioner from 2001 to 2011. Robert McDowell, who served as a Republican commissioner from 2006 to 2013, thinks the rules should be eliminated. Edited excerpts from their responses follow.