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Ten Years Of Fintech Megatrends For The Next Decade


Tis the season for predictions as we close out the last ten years and head into 2020 and a new decade of bold technological innovation. My answer is, 'Probably never.'" More than ten years following the financial crisis fintech has produced a breathtaking number of megatrends with products and services that make our lives better. Let's have a look at the fintech megatrends emerging from past ten years and what they reveal about the next decade of innovation in the global financial services sector. Digital Payments: 20 years ago PayPal and WorldPay kicked off the first wave of fintech making it easier for consumers and merchants to do business together on the internet.

FinTech - How New Technologies Are Transforming The Banking Sector


With the arrival of the "FinTech revolution," a new generation of startups is emerging, connecting financial services with the latest innovations in computer science. By bringing in machine learning, big data and cloud computing, they are stirring up the traditional banking sector with concepts like peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding or wireless payments. Though originally only applied to technology at the back-end of the established consumer and commercial financial institutions, the buzzword fintech has expanded in the recent years to all technological novelties in the financial sector and refers to new applications, procedures, products or business models that are served via the Internet. Fintech solutions include mobile payment solutions, telematics-based insurances that calculate fees based on customer behavior in the area of non-life insurance, personal finance management systems or peer-to-peer lending and come in B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Customer) and C2C (Customer to Customer) varieties. Several factors help explain the development of fintech as a growth sector.

Unlocking Fintech Potential: Top 10 Opportunities to Transform Financial Industry with the Use of Technology


From paying for a cup of coffee with your iPhone to handling complex financial data at work, you deal with fintech every day. The explosive growth of the technology, that we have been witnessing recently, triggered major changes in every aspect of our life, especially such fundamental one as finance. With $31.6 billion of investment in the US, with additional $18.1 billion invested globally over the last five years, fintech is currently one of the hottest technology sectors. Both accomplished players like Intuit, PayPal, or Square, and disruptive startups like Plaid, Kabbage or Robinhood are reshaping financial industry. Fintech market is far from being saturated.

FinTech: financial technology explained – impact, technologies, evolutions


Banks are going through significant changes. In consumer/retail banking, customers want multiple interaction and banking possibilities with a clear focus on digital and mobile banking services.