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Delaware Beach Replenishment Pushed Further Into Summer

U.S. News

WBOC-TV reports the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' website now lists June 1 as the start date for the first stage of the project, at Bethany Beach. In February, Army Corps of Engineers spokesman Steve Rochette said a limited number of dredges nationwide had delayed the schedule for work in Bethany Beach, South Bethany Beach, and Fenwick Island.

Lifeguards training for new normal amid coronavirus pandemic

FOX News

Almost all beaches in the U.S. are open for the summer and lifeguards are making changes to protect themselves and beach-goers from the coronavirus. WILDWOOD, N.J. – Almost all beaches in the U.S. have been open for the summer and lifeguards are making changes to protect themselves and beach-goers from the coronavirus. Long-time lifeguards at beaches in New Jersey and Delaware say daily protocols look much different. "Whenever we come off the stand and we interact with the public, we're going to be wearing masks and we're going to have gloves," said Nick Priest, a lifeguard in Wildwood, N.J. Each lifeguard stand in Wildwood has been equipped with PPE like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

Injured Seal Pup Rescued From Delaware Beach

U.S. News

The News Journal cites a release from the Marine Education Research and Rehabilitation institute that says 2 ½-month-old Jelly Bean had wounds and lacerations on the face, neck and flipper when rescued Thursday in Bethany Beach.

Welsh teenager dies in luxury yacht fall

BBC News

A Denbighshire teenager who left Wales to sail around the world with her family 10 years ago has been killed in an accident in Jamaica. Bethany Smith, 18, was working as a deckhand on a luxury schooner. She fell while working high up a mast of the 196 ft (60m) vessel Germania Nova which was berthed in the Jamaican town of Port Antonio, Portland. Her mother Sarah is in Trinidad, whilst her father David is working in the Netherlands. The teenager spent her early years in Glyndyfrdwy, Corwen, but her parents set sail from Aberystwyth in April 2007 in their yacht "Cape" along with Bethany's younger brother Bryn.

BULLIED TO DEATH? Parents blame teasing for cancer survivor's suicide

FOX News

Bethany Thompson was left with an off-center smile after suffering nerve damage during a procedure to remove a tumor related to her battle with brain cancer. Eight years after defeating the cancer, the 11-year-old Ohio girl shot and killed herself after what her parents believe was relentless bullying over her smile. Bethany rode the school bus on Oct. 19 with a friend and shared that she planned to kill herself later that day. "She told her she loved her and that she was her best friend forever, but that she was going to kill herself when she got home," Wendy Feucht, Bethany's mother, told The Columbus Dispatch. Once Bethany arrived at her home in Cable, she found a loaded handgun on an upper shelf, went to the back porch and shot herself.