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News Well-known exchange OEX will open the first BTO exclusive trading area


Recently, Bottos has reached a strategic partnership with the well-known exchange OEX. As the community symbol of Bottos, BTO will be officially launched on the OEX exchange in the near future. The OEX exchange officially launched the mapping of the Bottos main network. As an important strategic partner of OEX, the exchange will open a BTO exclusive trading zone for Bottos, and will continue to launch Dapp-based certificates such as DTO/BTO and WALI/BTO developed by Bottos. So far, BTO has more than one million users that can count on the strong liquidity support of the OEX exchange.

Bottos AI Blockchain Explainer Bottos focuses on expanding the magnitude and security of data…


This article was translated from Planet Daily… Many people have heard about the story of Blockchain artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has three core components: data, algorithms, and computing power. An AI algorithm model requires sufficient computational power to support a large amount of data training in order to be upgraded to a practical and excellent model. Considered as an Internet of value, Blockchain provides the infrastructure for all the intelligence required for artificial intelligence, including data, algorithms, models, data packages, and more.

Cheetah's New App Lets Crypto Investors Track Portfolios on the Go – Tech Check News


Cheetah Mobile, a Beijing-based app developer, announced on Thursday that it's releasing an app aimed to make it simpler for investors to monitor their cryptocurrency portfolios. Dubbed Coin Master, the mobile app – available for both iOS and Android – will track the real-time prices of cryptocurrencies on over 100 exchanges and automatically calculate overall losses or profits after users update their trading histories. The company said investors are able to update their portfolios either by inputting their transaction information manually, including both fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto transactions, or linking the app with the wallets or exchanges on which they store the assets. Cheetah Mobile's senior vice president, Edward Sun, said the new product allows cryptocurrency investors to "check the status of their assets anytime, anywhere." Article Source: Cheetah's New App Lets Crypto Investors Track Portfolios on the Go

Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories November


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Bottos: Where Blockchain, AI and Big Data Meet


"Our motivation comes from the pain point that most AI startups have in data acquisition for model training. Our vision at Bottos is to build and become the world's largest global data sharing network to evolve the AI ecosystem via smart data contracts on a Blockchain infrastructure," said Tinting Wang, the co-founder of Bottos and the ex-VP of NEO with $4.5 billion market cap in its token value. "We have received a phenomenal response from major influencers and entrepreneurs from around the world after the release of our whitepaper earlier this year and we are now welcoming everyone to participate in our current token presale and upcoming crowd sale," she added.