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Google fixes KRACK vulnerability in Android


Google has rolled out patches for an Android wireless network vulnerability. The search giant released the fix for the so-called KRACK vulnerability, which if exploited could have let a sophisticated hacker decrypt Wi-Fi traffic, hijack connections, perform man-in-the-middle attacks, and eavesdrop on communication sent from an affected device. Mathy Vanhoef, a computer security academic, who found the flaw, singled out Android, calling the security issue "exceptionally devastating" for devices running Android 6.0 and later. Several other security fixes were rolled into the update package, including 22 high-rated bugs and 10 critical bugs. Apple released its security fix for KRACK last week.

Microsoft already has a fix for that severe WiFi security exploit


Microsoft has released a patch that fixes the vulnerability on all supported versions of Windows (effectively, 8 or later). Windows isn't as susceptible to the flaw as Linux-based platforms like Android, which don't demand a unique encryption key, but this fix may have a significant impact simply through the sheer ubiquity of Windows in the computing world. To recap: the exploit revolves around cloning a WPA2-encrypted WiFi network, impersonating its MAC address and changing the WiFi channel. Intruders can force your device to connect to this bogus network instead of the legitimate one, making it easier for them to snoop on your data traffic or perpetrate attacks that require a local network. Would-be hackers have to get within physical distance of a target network for this to succeed, but that's potentially a huge problem for public networks.

Apple fixes KRACK attack in iOS 11.1 update


Apple on Tuesday released iOS 11.1 for iPhone and iPad, the first big update to iOS 11 originally released in September. According to the software's release notes, iOS 11.1 includes 70 new emoji, adds back support for accessing the app switcher by pressing on the edge of display with 3D Touch, and general bug fixes and updates. The company also released a security fix for the so-called KRACK wireless network attack, which could let sophisticated hackers decrypt Wi-Fi traffic, hijack connections, perform man-in-the-middle attacks, and eavesdrop on communication sent from an affected device. If you're running iOS 11, you can download the iOS 11.1 update by going to Settings General Software Update. The update is available for iPhone 5s and later, iPad Pros, iPad Air and later, and iPad mini 2 and later.

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Kates McLennan and McCartney – of Get Krack!n and The Katering Show – have a new comedy podcast out, titled Slushy: eight episodes of a workplace sitcom, set on an Antarctic research station. To celebrate, they supplied this list of other funny online things. If you're anything like me, an exciting straight ally, you're probably surrounded by a copious amount of gay friends who are thinking about tying the knot. This video by Chris Parker is super helpful for all us curious hets. This article includes content provided by TikTok.