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Materials-Manufacturing 2018 is one among the worlds largest Materials Science Conferences aims at sharing new advances and new concepts among the industrialists, experts, and graduate students from the scientific arena of Materials Science, Metals and Biomaterials, Nanomaterials, Materials Physics, Materials Chemistry, to share their current developments and applications in different fields and enjoy intuitive talks and specialized sessions at the occasion. Euroscicon Ltd invites all the participants from all over the world to attend '2nd Edition of International conference on Materials Technology and Manufacturing Innovations' during October 04-05, 2018 in Moscow, Russia, which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral Talks, Poster Presentations and Exhibitions. Theme of the conference "Experimenting materials to rewrite the history" is designed in such a way to explore the latest technologies and Innovations in the turf of Materials Science, Metallurgy and Manufacturing Engineering. The target of Materials-Manufacturing 2018 is to present the latest research and results of scientists related to Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing efforts. Materials and Manufacturing deals with the multidisciplinary turfs which begins with design, production and development from raw materials into required specific applications.

The Arctic Science Agreement propels science diplomacy


Against this backdrop, the Agreement on Enhancing International Arctic Scientific Cooperation, signed on 11 May 2017 by foreign ministers of the eight Arctic States, including the U.S. and Russia, as well as Greenland and the Faroe Islands, is a milestone.

6 Helpful Machine Learning Tutorials and Courses to Grasp the Essentials


Machine learning is the future of automation. Millions of tasks performed by humans on a daily basis will be eventually replaced by neural networks trained. Even now, machine learning algorithms shape your life. The job market is shifting to accommodate this new technology, and those who are capable of programming their own networks (or integrating with existing ones) are in high demand. There has never been a better time to dive into machine learning.

These 4 GOP Senators Are Shocked that the National Science Foundation Encourages Science Education

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Four Republican senators described the National Science Foundation as a political rather than scientific organization because of its study of climate change and have called for an investigation into the group by the agency's inspector general's office. In a scathing letter to the IG's office last week, the senators lambasted NSF for granting over $4 million to two programs that encouraged TV newscasters to discuss climate science on air. This is not the first time Republican lawmakers have asked for the nonpartisan science agency to be investigated for supposed partisan bias. "NSF, intended to be a supporter of basic research beneficial to the common good, has issued several grants which seek to influence political and social debate rather than conduct scientific research," reads the letter, which was signed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx.), "The manner in which grants such as these receive federal funding is deserving of further scrutiny."

Recommending Web Resources to Science Educators

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To obtain help in learning how to use the Web for themselves or their students, including subjects such as fundamentals (email, gopher and ftp resource retrieval, and Web browsing), Web searching using directory services and libraries, and Web publishing.