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Optimize Your Old Blog Content to Boost Traffic and Results


To keep your blog growing you add more and more content doing your best to market everything you write. But while doing that, you may be missing a low-hanging fruit, one thing that may boost your blog traffic considerably over time. Here are 5 tools to do that, without any help or expensive audits. It all starts with keywords. Often when I see good content struggling to generate some consistent traffic, the answer is usually keyword optimization.

10 Content Marketing Tactics for your Startup Blog Growth Hackers


If you have a blog, I am sure you didn't create it for yourself... The goal, of course, is to have your articles read, if possible by the greatest number of people. We will see that blogging is not so complicated, it is still relatively simple. The hard part is actually to be consistent and providing quality content regularly. Content marketing is a great channel, which should be part of your overall inbound marketing strategy.

Instagram says it will block content that depicts suicide and self-harm

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Veuer's Lenneia Batiste has more on how it will work. Instagram is strengthening its approach to suicide-related content after facing pressure for how it promoted disturbing posts that could be viewed by teens. Earlier this year, Instagram launched a ban on most of the graphic content on the heels of public outcry in the United Kingdom. On Sunday, the social media company said it is now "taking more steps to keep the people who use Instagram safe." It will start removing renderings, drawings and memes that show methods of self-harm or suicide from the app.

5 Trends Of Content And SEO Marketers Shouldn't Miss To Follow In 2018 - Buildthecloud


With 2017 nearing its end, one thing has become certain: search engine optimization and content marketing need to go hand-in-hand in order to survive and excel in the online ecosystem. Whether it was for Google's RankBrain algorithm filtering high-quality content or Latent Semantic Indexing for content relevance, the year brought SEO experts and content marketers together, who drafted successful marketing strategies as a team. Well, the same is expected to happen in 2018 but on a much grandiose scale. Although many lists for SEO and content marketing trends would do their rounds like every year, a new list of trends, focusing on the interdependence of content and SEO, would grasp the fancy of most marketers. It would encompass the trends in SEO and content that would help the marketers improve ranking and drive traffic on search engines in the coming year.

3 tools to keep your content strategy going strong


Branded content has become a part of everyday life. Nowadays, it's is perhaps the most favored way for businesses to express their unique stories to the world. It seems like it has become blatantly clear the old ways of promotion, such as radio spots and billboards, aren't having the same effect they had in decades past. As most experts will attest, a marketing strategy is only as good the tools it employs. You can have the best content in the universe, but, if your system isn't being properly executed, it won't get the exposure it deserves.