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Turnbull's conservative Liberal Party and the center-left opposition Labor Party agreed to set a Dec. 1 deadline for senators to provide documented evidence that they are solely Australian citizens. Australian-born lawmakers will have to provide details of their parents and grandparents' dates and countries of birth to demonstrate that they have not inherited a second nationality. Immigrant lawmakers must document steps they have taken to renounce their original nationalities.

Sage Survey Provides Reality Check on Artificial Intelligence's Impact


The technology industry is placing big bets on artificial intelligence, with the expectation that it will deliver major productivity and profit benefits across the global economy. It seems that every new technology product that is introduced these days has been enhanced in some way with artificial intelligence. Industrial process control, the internet of things, vehicles, business software and smart home products are all being integrated with some type of AI application. Now a new study from Sage Group examines how well consumers and corporate workers are adapting to AI in their work and lives. The report found that while some people are generally excited about AI, a surprising number aren't particularly aware of the implications of AI in their homes or offices.

Oklahoma Photographer Provides Courtesy Photos to Veterans

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Marilyn Moody of Wewoka said she took her parents, WWII veteran Dewey and Inez Muirhead, to Newell's home for photos with their other children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She said her parents' photos have captured people's attention on social media and they became involved in a project celebrating their 76 years of marriage because someone saw Newell's photographs of them.

Windscribe VPN provides true private browsing with no ads and no log

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Furthermore, government agencies are quite happy to eavesdrop on your activity. Windscribe VPN protects you from these privacy problems and a whole lot more. For starters, no one can trace your connection. Windscribe doesn't even keep a record, so there is nothing for the feds to find. Your data is also encrypted, and the built-in firewall prevents leaks when your connection drops.

'Homeless Court' Helps Provides Assistance in Michigan

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"We have so many of our population coming into our kitchens who have been driving without insurance," said Conlin. "They drive to work ... they get ticketed. They have (gotten) multiple tickets and so they lose their licenses because of the inability to pay all their fines. Then they are taken out of the work society and ... they are around the (societal) drain that sucks people into the system that's broken and that works against them."