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Instagram Update Allows Users To Archive Instagram Stories, Create Highlights

International Business Times

Instagram has announced two new tools that allow users to revisit their most cherished Instagram Stories. One of these new Instagram features also allows users to pin their favorite Instagram Stories on their profile permanently.

How to Edit Videos for Instagram


First published on Aug 17, 2017. Remember when Instagram was simply a photo-sharing app? Now, an incredible 1 billion monthly active users later, Instagram has become the go-to platform for everyone to keep up with their friends, favorite brands, and celebrities. This means that Instagram is now a place for brands to become content powerhouses and create their own immersive visual channel and a memorable viewing experience. Video has definitely been a catalyst to this process: as much as 40% of all Instagram users watch Instagram stories daily.

Facebook Adding 3D Drawing, Instagram Boomerang To Stories Camera

International Business Times

Facebook is expanding the features of Stories. It's been discovered recently that Facebook will be adding augmented reality doodles and Instagram's Boomerang to its Stories camera. The new Facebook Stories features were first discovered by The Next Web's Matt Navarra on Twitter, who also shared videos of the new features in action. The new creative tools are believed to be part of Facebook's strategy to make sure that Stories becomes more popular with users and to better compete with its rival, Snapchat. "We wanted to give people an easy way to create with augmented reality and draw in the world around them," Facebook Camera product manager John Barnett told TechCrunch.

How Brands Can Be More Authentic Using Social Media Video

Forbes - Tech

As video has become ubiquitous across all social media platforms, brands are producing more video content to authentically connect with their community. Now more than ever, consumers are digesting mobile video content on-the-go throughout their day. Studies show that consuming videos allows for more positive emotions to be elicited, to feel more connected to friends and family, and provides a shared common thread to talk about. Here are three ways to do so. Now that Instagram Stories has been a product feature for almost two years, brands and media are figuring out what type of storytelling converts.

How to Improve Your Instagram Story Engagement


Want people to spend more time on your Instagram story content? Looking for tips to prompt active engagement on your stories? In this article, you'll discover seven ways to encourage followers to tap on, reply to, and screenshot your Instagram stories. The "tap for more" tactic is pretty simple and straightforward. In your Instagram story, add text and an arrow graphic prompting viewers to tap on the right side of the screen to see your next story segment.