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Why the world needs private clouds


Unless you are a brand new startup, you probably have legacy systems that your new applications need to integrate with. Of course, it doesn't have to be legacy data. It could be new IoT, analytics or other digital data you will be generating. Unless you plan to host all of this data on the public cloud, you probably need to consider a private cloud. Sure, you could purchase a direct link to a public cloud and host your apps there, but all this data transfer is likely to get very expensive if there is a lot of data going back and forth.

How clouds fail-slow


If you've ever had a system fail-slow, you know how maddening it is. The lights are on, the fans are running, but nobody is home.

Brazil improves environment for cloud adoption


Brazil has made some improvement in terms of the local environment for adoption of cloud computing, according to a recent study. An introduction to cloud computing from IaaS and PaaS to hybrid, public and private cloud. The Cloud Computing Scorecard research from the BSA, The Software Alliance, has ranked Brazil in the 18th place out of a list of 24 countries, behind emerging countries such as South Africa, Argentina and Mexico. The BSA study aims to rank countries' preparedness for the adoption and growth of cloud computing services. While Brazil's current position seems rather bad, the country has actually climbed four positions in relation to last year's ranking.

Cloud backup: What does 11 9s durability really mean?


What does 11 9s durability really mean? An introduction to cloud computing from IaaS and PaaS to hybrid, public and private cloud. Marketing's hype frontier is the cloud. So they claim 99.999999999 percent availability. The good folks at Backblaze published a post today on the truth behind cloud durability claims.

Public Cloud Convenience, Private Cloud Control


We provide a self-service private cloud for IT and developers that automates infrastructure operations. Focus on building -- let our intelligent software take care of configuration, management, and optimization of cloud infrastructure.