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How to find everything Microsoft knows about you

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How to solve unexpected reboots, freezes, slowness and overheating on Macs and PCs. Chances are, Microsoft knows quite a bit about you. Privacy issues are all over the news rights now, with concern growing about what companies know about you and how they are using your information. While Facebook made headlines with its Cambridge Analytica scandal, Internet users are also wondering what information other tech businesses are gathering. If you'd like to know what Facebook knows about you, here are the stops to find out.

Windows 10 privacy settings: What's new in the Creators Update


Windows 10 privacy is a contentious issue. This is in part because Windows 10 is integrated with cloud-based features like Cortana, and it has features influenced by mobile such as determining your location. In previous versions of Windows 10, managing privacy was, to put it mildly, an insane process. Settings were strewn all over the operating system and the web. Privacy isn't much better in the recently released Creators Update, but Microsoft has consolidated its web-based privacy information related to a user's Microsoft Account.

How to escape the online spies

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Nobody likes being spied on. When you're innocently browsing the web, it's deeply unpleasant to think that faceless technology corporations are monitoring and recording your every move. While such data collection is legal, that doesn't mean it's all right. There are plenty of things you might prefer to keep to yourself, such as your income, your sexuality, your political views or your membership of the Yoko Ono fanclub. For an indication of what can be inferred from your online habits, take a look at the Apply Magic Sauce tool produced by Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, which produces a profile of your personality based on Facebook and Twitter data.

How to find everything Microsoft knows about you

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It's no secret how much Big Tech companies know about all of us. I bet Google comes to mind first. Tap or click here to see everything Google has on you with one quick download. I'd be remiss not to mention Facebook, which isn't exactly careful with your info. Tap or click here for the essential settings to secure your account.

Take control of your privacy in Windows 10


Most are well-intentioned, but they invariably take a simplistic approach to privacy: Just turn off every switch in the Privacy section of the Settings app. If you do that, you're not understanding the privacy landscape, which encompasses far more than just those settings. Windows 10 is a mix of software and services. Microsoft's chief rivals, Google and Apple, are also blending services into their software, with the goal of making your life easier and making that software more reliable. There's something profoundly satisfying about a service that anticipates your every move, reminding you when to leave for an appointment to arrive on time, or to pick up flowers for your anniversary tomorrow.