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Amsterdam will limit Airbnb rentals to 30 days per year


Last year, Amsterdam limited Airbnb rentals to no more than 60 days in a calendar year but that is about to be halved according to a report from The city's executive board agreed to the proposed shortened limit today and housing alderman Laurens Ivens said, "I recognize that reducing the length of time is not the solution to city congestion but it will reduce the problems caused by tourists in some areas and will make it less inviting to use your home as a way to earn money."

No, you can’t hide a security camera in your Airbnb rental photos and call that 'disclosure'


One person's recent experience at an Airbnb has the company apologizing and clarifying its rules on surveillance devices. Airbnb recently dismissed a privacy concern from one if its users when he discovered security cameras inside his Airbnb rental. The cameras were not mentioned in the Airbnb listing, as required by the company's rules. After the user went public with his ordeal, Airbnb refunded the user, banned the host, and clarified that the listing did indeed break Airbnb policy. When Jeffrey Bigham rented a home on Airbnb for himself and his family over the winter holiday break, everything seemed to check out.

Airbnb looking 'beyond accommodation'

BBC News

Accommodation-listing service Airbnb is looking at moving into other businesses, its co-founder has said. Nathan Blecharczyk told the BBC the willingness of people to stay in the home of a stranger showed the demand for personal connections while travelling. He said the company was now looking at pairing hosts and guests for tours, playing sport, and other activities. Airbnb operates in 34,000 cities in 191 countries and is valued at about 25bn. The company, which allows anyone to rent out spare space in their home to tourists, advertises its service as "experience a place like you live there".

NY poised to crack down on illegal Airbnb rentals

U.S. News

Supporters of the measure say many Airbnb rentals are already prohibited under that law. They say fines will help bring an end to illegal, unlicensed rentals that hurt local hotels and reduce the number of affordable apartments in New York City.

Airbnb will limit Amsterdam rentals to 60 days a year


One of the sticks that is used to beat Airbnb with is that the company cares nought for social cohesion or its effect upon communities. That's why it's big news to see that the home-sharing firm will comply with property rental regulations in the Netherlands. From January, homeowners in Amsterdam will only be able to sell time in their place for 60 days in a calendar year, unless they already have specific permission to offer more. The Wall Street Journal believes that the move could be the solution to the on-going war it's fighting with cities across the globe. Airbnb offers people the opportunity to rent out their home for periods of time, often for a tasty hunk of change.