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Monsanto's CIO Develops Data Science Platform Of The Future


Over the past four years, James Swanson has been leading a digital transformation in the agriculture industry. In is current role as Chief Information Officer at Monsanto, Swanson has been trying to develop ways to make use of Monsanto's vast pools of data and derive insights that can inform company strategy. In a previous interview, he explains that this digital transformation is focused around five pillars that define the digital opportunity: operational excellence, business productivity, customer centricity, revenue enablement, and disruptive innovation. Since then, Swanson and his team have launched "science@scale," their internally branded cloud analytics ecosystem. This highly scalable data science platform has drastically increased the speed of data analysis driving a cost savings increase of over $15MM and sales revenue increase of $17MM in the U.S. by completing months of scientific work in a matter of hours.

AI And Automation In The Cloud -- Seizing The Moment For Digital Transformation


CTO and General Manager, Technology, Innovation and Automation for IBM Global Technology Services (retired). There can be little doubt that digital disruption is upon us on a large scale. Entire industries and their business models, as well as society at large are being transformed by the impact of digital technologies. To understand risks and opportunities, we need to look at how the following three forces are coming together to turn the winds of change into a perfect storm. Let's look at data and AI first.

Full Innovation Story: Collaboration between Marketing, IT and Engineering


"Innovation" is a word that says everything. Yet, it means nothing without any insights behind it. Companies use the term constantly to appear forward-thinking. However, by falling back on this vague and overused vernacular, they can fail to identify what makes them new and exciting. This means that as marketing budgets grow in size and importance, companies must become better innovation storytellers.

Researchers Develop New Way to Increase Energy Efficiency of Smart Computers


Anthony is recognized as a thought leader and primary innovator of products, solutions, and technologies for the intelligent capture, RPA, BPM, BI and mobile markets. ABBYY is an innovator and leader in artificial intelligence (Al) technology including machine learning and natural language processing that helps organizations better understand and drive context and outcomes from their data. The company sets a goal to grow and strengthen its leadership positions by satisfying the ever-increasing demand for AI-enabled products and solutions. ABBYY has been developing semantic and AI technologies for many years. Thousands of organizations from over 200 countries and regions have chosen ABBYY solutions that transform documents into business value by capturing information in any format.