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You've been using Excel wrong all along (and that's OK)


The discussion about whether finance departments are moving away from Excel or remain perfectly happy with it should really have been framed more along the lines of whether they should stop using Excel for the wrong things. An executive guide to the technology and market drivers behind the $135 billion robotics market. Ignore the common but simplistic'just use Google Docs' response. If you only need the basics, Google Sheets will give you that, but so will Excel on the iPad and the web -- and that's so far away from what enterprises use Excel for that it's a tribute to the breadth of Excel that the same product competes with so many alternatives. Excel is one of the most requested skills in job postings, so you need to know how to use it -- and how not to.

Become a Microsoft Excel power user with this intensive training for under $35


These are the devices that should be at or near the top of your shortlist. For an app still alive and kicking after three decades, it's amazing how much life is still left in Microsoft Excel. In fact, did you know expert Excel users specializing in finance are now getting tournaments of their own like the Financial Modeling World Cup to prove their spreadsheet mastery in battles akin to e-sporting events? As mindblowing as that idea sounds, it's 100% true. You may not ever compete in front of a live audience showing off your Excel skills, but with the training in The 2022 Ultimate Microsoft Excel and Power BI Certification Bundle, you could be ready to sling data with those Excel heavyweights.

Learn Microsoft Power BI, Excel, VBA, and Access For $29


Whether a company is considering a rebrand or evaluating the feasibility of a new product, it's likely to consult the analytics and insights derived from its data before moving forward with any initiative. That's why understanding data analysis tools, like Microsoft Excel and Access, can dramatically increase your value to employers on the market. Of course, these programs have a reputation for being dense and tough for newcomers to grasp, but the Microsoft Data Analysis Bundle can help you navigate past the learning curve and leverage these tools as a valuable data analysis expert, and it's on sale today for $29.

Master Microsoft Excel with this $40 training


Microsoft Excel is the industry-standard spreadsheet program used by companies worldwide. Anyone serious about data analysis or data visualization needs to learn Excel as it has more built-in functions and formulas than its chief competitor, Google Sheets. Believe it or not, you can easily learn how to master Microsoft's flagship software in a cost-effective way and on a busy schedule. Right now, you can save hundreds on The Complete Excel Excellence Bundle, featuring eight in-depth courses and over 47 hours of hands-on training to get you up to speed on essential to advanced Microsoft Excel skills. Normally $648, Engadget readers can get the full bundle for $40.

Microsoft Excel Masterclass For Business Managers


Start using Excel to its full potential to become proficient at your Excel tasks today! Either you're new to Excel, or you've played around with it but want to get more comfortable with Excel's advanced features. Either way, this course will be great for you. A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this Excel course. This is a complete and concise tutorial on MS Excel which can be completed within 4 hours.