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Intel Launches Nervana Artificial Intelligence Platform NewsFactor Network


"Intel sees AI transforming the way businesses operate and how people engage with the world," the company said in a statement yesterday. "Intel is assembling the broadest set of technology options to drive AI capabilities in everything from smart factories and drones to sports, fraud detection and autonomous cars." Dubbed Intel Nervana, the new platform comes courtesy of the company's acquisition of the two-year-old Nervana Systems announced three months ago. The platform will be optimized for AI workloads with an emphasis on both speed and ease of use. The first product in the platform, a chip codenamed "Lake Crest," will begin testing in the first half of next year and will eventually be available to key customers later that year, according to Intel.

Intel Features Latest AI Techologies at NIPS Conference


Some of the brightest minds in machine learning and deep learning are gathered this week in Barcelona for the annual Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) conference. This is the 30th year for the NIPS conference, and the main event was sold out well in advance of the opening. That says a lot about the importance of this event for machine learning researchers and data scientists – and the increasing industry focus on this field. For the first time, Intel is a sponsor of this machine learning and deep learning conference. We are showcasing Intel technologies and initiatives that advance artificial intelligence (AI).

Driving Innovations in Machine Learning with Intel - IT Peer Network


We've long known that there are many tasks that computers can perform faster – and better – than humans. Of course, we still have to teach computers HOW to do these tasks, and when using conventional programming techniques we have to be very specific about what computers should do and when. With machine learning, we're essentially teaching computers how to learn what to do, and some of them are becoming better than we are at complex tasks. For example, machine learning is a key enabler of self-driving cars and experts predict that they will eventually be safer than human-driven vehicles. That's just one example of how machine learning is letting us use computers in new ways to do new things.

Intel's Future Lies With Artificial Intelligence


Intel's (INTC) journey towards tomorrow rests on the belief that the "making of the future starts with a focus on AI." The revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technology is fast seeping into everything around us, be it things as simple as tagging photos, to more advanced decision-making in medicine or autonomous vehicles. AI is the way forward, and here's how Intel is building on that. With the intent to accelerate its evolution from a PC company to one that powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices, Intel embarked on a new journey in 2016, following restructuring plans by Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel. Since then, Intel's commitment to artificial intelligence has been reflected in its investment and acquisition decisions, research and development initiatives, patent profile, and product and platform launches.