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Fine-Tuning The Firehose: Finding The Customer Data That Really Matters

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Many customer experiences would be far more enticing if companies could better understand just who their customers really are and what they are experiencing. However, superior customer experience requires that data be delivered from multiple sources, to the right place, to the right decision maker or application, at the right time. And then that data needs to be tied together to form one cohesive view of the customer--something far easier said than done. Unfortunately, many companies still struggle to make sense of the data they have surging through their systems. How can you bring in, and have access to, the data that matters most to your business?iStock

The Rise of Customer Experience Cobots: Customer Engagement Isn't Black and White Genesys


We live in a business world that, too often, sees how we engage with prospects or customers in clear boxes -- it's all very black and white. What I mean is that we often design our processes and technology with a view that prospects and customers will either self-serve or be assisted. We take the same approach when it comes to how we handle work within the customer services or sales. A task to assist a prospect or customer is handled either by a human or it is automated. Sometimes automation and human assistance need to work together to complete the task.

Miserable interactions can yield happy customer experiences


I have been hinting I was about to start writing this column for a while, and finally, finally, finally - I got the time to do it. Welcome to the inaugural edition of this --- blog? Whatever it is, I am thrilled and super-thankful for the editors at ZDNet for the opportunity. I am going to use this to explore the deeper topics around customer experience, stemming from the wonderful weekly column I "pen" at Future of Commerce. Let's start tackling the bigger topics...

What is Digital customer experience ? How to Improve ?How to Improve Digital Customer Experience ?


Digital customer experience is the whole sum of digital interactions between a customer and a company and the customer Going with the Impression of the interaction he or she had. The broad umbrella of customer experience (CX) can cover anything from using a company product and giving feedback about the products they used. The digital customer experience (DCX) focuses on the digital interfaces that people use to interact with companies, including both front-end services and back-office process optimization that ultimately benefits customers.Because both concepts are intensely focused on meeting customer expectations. All businesses need to become digital businesses if they want to participate in the current digital economy. Dive in-depth into customer Purchase Insights to see where your customers are enjoying products or getting stuck or unhappy.

Remaking the Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence


The latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) are pushing the boundaries of what's possible, what's practical and what people are coming to expect from their financial institutions. As major brands across multiple industries incorporate the first wave of bots, machine learning, robotic process automation and natural machine language into their services, consumers are navigating more of their daily tasks on their own, in real time. Those experiences are having a profound impact on financial services, as customers look for quick, frictionless ways to handle more financial tasks themselves, whenever it's most convenient. AI technologies can satisfy the growing demand for real-time, self-service experiences in a variety of ways, from supporting more voice-enabled payments and transactions to automating complex decision making and product recommendations. Many of the first AI developments are geared toward helping businesses extend their customer service as though they had limitless human resources.