Where is the best motorway services in England?

BBC News

Neither synonymous with glamour nor a byword for luxury, England's best motorway service stations have unveiled after a comprehensive survey... but the services from hell are named and shamed too. Transport Focus attempted to outdo even Alan Partridge's encyclopaedic knowledge of service stations with its study of 112 pit-stops. In compiling the momentous list, the travel watchdog questioned 8,700 customers on key factors including staffing, food and the all-important lavatories. Perhaps surprisingly, the same company operates service stations at both extremes of the ranking. The M4's Reading Services Westbound takes the crown for the country's best stop-off - with a customer satisfaction score of 100%.

Engage Service Customers With Artificial Intelligence - Dealer Marketing


The ability to engage service customers--and keep them engaged--is critical to a dealership's revenue and, more importantly, its ability to retain those customers through to the next buying cycle. And that buying cycle is worth a lot more than just one or two cars; according to dealership executive and author Carl Sewell, every customer is worth 517,000 over his or her lifetime. NADA's December 2015 stats report that, although the average new car sale yielded 3.58% gross, the average service yielded 72%. But contacting and engaging service customers takes time, effort, and close monitoring, and that's just not possible for the typical service team when there are hundreds or thousands of customers to work. Not surprisingly, good opportunities get dropped.

Ford sends its new F-150 Special Service truck into the line of duty


I guess it's only fair that the police get the coolest version of the all-new Ford F-150. Ford debuted the latest and so far greatest version of its F-150 Special Service Vehicle Package on Tuesday morning. More than a set of sturdy steel wheels at all four corners and a light bar on the roof, the truck also boasts high-output 240-amp alternator, a vinyl bench in the rear for quick cleanup and a removed center console allows for custom equipment. Standard 40/20/40 seats are replaced with 40/blank/40 seats, with the center section deleted to create more space for customization. The aluminum-bodied F-150 Special Service Vehicle can be ordered in SuperCrew or SuperCab configuration, rear-wheel drive or 4x4 and with either the 5.0-liter V8 or high-torque 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine under the hood.

Are You Frustrated With TV Subscription Services? Tell Us About It

NPR Technology

As the number of streaming TV services grows, are you getting frustrated trying to find that one show you want? Are the costs of subscription services adding up? NPR is doing a story about consumers' experiences with all the new streaming and subscription TV services, and we'd like to hear from you. Your responses may be used in an upcoming story, on air or on NPR.org. A producer may contact you to follow up on your response, too.

Where Should You Greet a Service Customer?


The service advisor should greet the customer with a smile, welcome the customer by name, and be genuinely engaging with every customer they meet. The service department is an extremely fast-moving machine. It can seem overwhelming, especially to first-time customers. Multiple lanes of cars in motion, hoods open, engines starting, and tires turned to the side is a barrage to the senses at first. At some dealerships, the practice is to let the customers exit their cars at their own pace and approach the service advisor.